Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A sweet gift.

hi dolls,
Last week I worked the cutest birthday party, if you're new to blog - I'm a freelance photographer :) I was recently hired to capture some adorable photos for a 3year birthday party. It was such a great time & I met so many new people. Networking is always fun! Once the party was over I met with my clients to say my goodbyes & once she paid me she said.."I have a little something for you, I appreciate your work and I appreciate you taking the time to capture my son's birthday party - you're an inspiration and you're going to go far one day" She literally made me get teary. She handed me this sweet little box & this beautiful necklace was inside. It made my day. I love the effect I have on people, I love how people are able to witness my passion and want to hire me to capture their memories that are going to last a lifetime. I couldn't ask for a better day that moment. I'm so grateful for this talent I was given I want to make it far one day.


Tasha Marie

..& this life is far too beautiful to let a day pass by without smiling..


  1. Such a sweet story! I'm sure you a great inspiration to a lot of people. I wish you could take my sons pictures haha

  2. wow great story .. wish you the best on this journey .... I am sure you 'll make it big....!!!


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