Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Treasures.

Hi sweethearts, (:
The other day I went on a thrift store shopping hunt for some treasures. It was definitely my lucky day in the vintage world! Look at all these beauties I found ALL LESS THAN 5 bucks a piece! The blouses that I was lucky to find I got them in a larger size that way I am able to pair it with a belt. I enjoy loose blouses/tee's that way it cuts off my shoulder. Some of the blouses I may even cut into a classy V-neck or crew cut :)
Some tips for thrift store shopping.
1.) You have to have PATIENCE. Sometimes you WILL find treasures, other times you wont have much luck.
2.) Dress COMFY :) I NEED to try on every item I purchase to make sure it's a "wow" top I want.. plus I have huge boobs and need to make sure my girls can breathe - haa.
3.) Show up early! Most of the time stores aren't as packed in the early mornings and during the afternoon it gets packed - especially thrift stores.
4.) Always remember these clothes HAVE been worn before, HAVE been washed and ALL have a story. If wearing other peoples clothes grosses you out - then you shouldn't shop in the thrift world. I love thrift store shopping - I have all the patience in the world. I love knowing these are items NO ONE will have. I love to mix and match my outfits. I love a dressy blouse like that ones in the above photo and dress it casual with some skinny jeans and flats.
Enjoy this post & leave me your comments.

Natasha Marie


  1. I have recently been getting into thrifting and am absolutely loving it! I think the hardest thing is not knowing what you will find - you have your bad days and good days. Definitely looks like you had a good day :-)

  2. I LOVE vintage items, especially vintage furniture, & Oh HEYY i`m your 100th Follower! (:

    <3 Dollie


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