Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best friends beautiful country wedding!

Hello my beautiful followers,
This past weekend my beautiful best friend married the love of her life! It was one of the most memorable weekends I have ever had in such a long time. I realized how truly lucky I am to be surrounded with such a huge group of friends that are like family to me. I had the honor to be one of her bridesmaid & to do her makeup. It was not your original fancy wedding - it was a beautiful country wedding. We all wore boots & blue jean dresses. Simple yet different. It was perfect. I wasn't the photographer for their wedding since I came out but I was able to take tons of beautiful photos I wanted to share with you all :) Most of you all follow my Twitter and have been asking to see some of the photos - here are some :) It was such a bonding time with all my beautiful friends, we made some of the greatest memories in the world that no one can ever imagine. Life without your friends is no life at all. You need your girlfriends :) Friendship is so important to me. All in all - the wedding was fabulous. The bride looked gorgeous, her make up was flawless. I was her little personal make up artist touching up her make up every once in a while. We all two stepped the entire night, sang kareoke, and laughed like there was no tomorrow. It's times like these where I realize how truly blessed I am to have this amazing life and to share it with you all and my friends! Enjoy the photos. xo.

^^ Make up madness : )

personal make up artist for the bride : )

^^ look at her smile, you can't fake happiness like this photo :)

^^ I love these people.

^^ My love at my side, we danced the entire night, I love him w/ all my heart !


My beautiful friends.

Natasha Marie

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  1. Such a great post!! I can feel the joy by ur words n looking at the pics.. thnx so much for sharing doll.

  2. Me too, i want a friend like you who does my make up every day :-) not just on the wedding day

    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  3. Awww Natasha! You looked beautiful and so did she. What a beautiful post. I love the cowboy/cowgirl theme. Weddings should be personalized. It's all about the bride & groom. :D It's a celebration!

  4. aww that was so cute, and i love the idea of that theme! you look gorgeous girl, check out my blog..i passed an award to you! :)

  5. Love the cowboys!! haha this looks like such a fun wedding, all my love to the happy couple :)


  6. looks like such a great wedding and you did great on her makeup!!!

  7. gorgeous.

    please visit my blog, if you have the time for it.


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