Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peacock make up inspried look.

Hey gorgeous dolls,
This was such a fun look to play around with ! Two of my friends are going to be peacocks for Halloween && asked me to do a peacock inspired look for them :) They both sent me the same photo so last night I decided to play around w/ my makeup and ta-daa!! Here's how it came out :) I thought it was going to be a bit hard but it actually wasn't that hard. For the "feather" looking designs on my eyes I used a brown eyeliner. After priming my eyes I did the feather design 1st..&& then started to add the rest of the colors by slowly blending and trying my best not to let the other shadows come together w/ the feather design. All of the eyeshadows I used for this look were all from my 120 palette, you can find this palette on Ebay or Amazon :) The 120 palette is probably the greatest palette I have ever purchased. Mine was actually all the way from Hong Kong - not kidding. lol. The packaging was insane! I've had this palette for over 3 years & I love it. I used a blue eyeliner instead of a black eyeliner to give it more of a fun look. Also, once I was completely done I put a little of my MAC glitter over my lids with a blending brush (just one stroke of glitter) This was such a fun look, to add a little statement to it I added a little peacock feather I had in my room & pinned it down with some bobby pins - & some leaf earrings that went w/this look :) Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Natasha Marie

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  1. that looks fantastic *-*

    xoxo Olja

  2. I love it! and my friend literally just changed her costume idea to a peacock so I'm definitely going to show her this :)

  3. LOVE it!! amazing!!

  4. wow!! amazing make up!!! I'm following you!! hope you follow me back!! =)


  5. this is amazingg!! you look gorgeous babe:) Please do a tutorial!



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