Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween outfit and make up for the night

Hey lovely ladies,
Wow, it seems like forever since I have had time to sit down and blog. School has been busy and I haven't had any "girl time" to just sit down and relax. Now it's time. By the way thank you ALL for your sweet comments on my "peacock" inspiration look, I loved reading them! And also to the sweet emails I get ! :) I hope everyone had a blast on Halloween! This Halloween was a blast, as you can see my our fun photo on top my best friend && I were Thing1 & Thing2. Our costume was a hit, it was honestly a blast getting dressed up and dancing around in our tutu & wearing our wig (that took forever to actually hide all our hair ! ) But at the end, we loved loved loved our costume! I did our make up very dramatic with tons of glitter, pictures down below our our eye make up. A little tip on wearing a wig...lol.. since we didn't have a lot of time to really pin it up like we had planned...my other friend had an extra panty hose that we cut up in less than 10 mins to put our hair in it so our wig we look normal, well since we did it extra fast it didn't work but if we HAD done it the right way like our friend it would have worked wonderfully ! So if you're ever planning on wearing a wig - do the panty hose trick! Cut a medium to large piece of the panty hose, pin your hair up with tons of bobby pins, and then slip on the panty hose to secure your hair in place and add the wig - and BAM! A wonderful perfect wig with no hair sticking out. (Our hair was definitely sticking out a little in the back, thank goodness it was dark) All in all - this was such a fun halloween costume. The tutu, the wig, the dramatic eye make up, and homemade shirts thanks to my lovely friends. I photos below of my eye make up, eye liner, and mascara I used on this look. Enjoy :)

For the different blue eyes shadows and highlighter below my eyebrow - they all came from the lovely 120 Palette, you can find it on Amazon, Ebay or any cosmetics website. For only about $22 :)

For my blue eyeliner I used my favorite eyeliner ever, Lancome's liquid eyeliner in Midnight Glam.

This product ALWAYS comes in handy, once I was done with my eye shadows I used a small eye shadow brush to place tons of glitter over my eyes and under my eyes to give us a dramatic look.

Mascara for the night :: Lancome Doll Lashes. This mascara does wonders on my lashes, tons of volume - no clumpy lashes.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Natasha Marie

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  1. Natasha, you two looked AWESOME! OMG'd I LOVE IT! I bet you ladies had a blast. Love the eye makeup. Very sparkly! I'm going to use that trick. Because I paid $5 for a wig cap. LOL Have a great day girl! ((HUG))

  2. ahh you girls look so cute! and yea i had a problem when i was trying to wear a wig for halloween lol


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