Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Dior experience

Hello my gorgeous little readers,
I love love love when I put time aside for "blog time" I sit cuddled up in a blanket & listen to music...It's so relaxing to me.

As you all read in a previous blog & for those of your that follow my Twitter or Facebook I recently got hired by Dior as their Freelance Make Artist for the holiday season. It has been one of the greatest experience ever I am taking every moment it. I've always always tried to get with a make up company & for some reason it never happened, I almost got a position with Chanel a couple of years ago but it just wasn't my time. I told myself one day I would work for a high end make up company - & NOW I am proud to say I do. I set my mind to it & accomplished something I had always dreamed of. The funny thing is, it came to me without me even looking anymore. I was shopping at the mall & the Dior manager spotted me & my "make up" asked me questions I told her I was confident when it came to make up & applying it to people & that this was my passion - she got my information..a couple of days later she called me & went in to speak to her..thankfully she loved me but then the serious interview was the next day with Dior's Account Executive that flew in from Dallas just to meet me. I won't lie I was TERRIFIED, but I told myself "just go in there & do what you love to do." She walks in looking like a million dollar celebrity along with the top trainer for Dior which gave me a little fright. We meet, do some talking..& she says "This is our TOP make up artist & TOP trainer for Dior...take off all her make up & do a full make over on her - show me what you got!" My heart dropped but I was ready. I gave her a facial gave her a "day time" to "night time" look with the same shadow palette - I was nervous knowing this is their TOP Dior executive but once I started playing around with the make up all my little butterflies went away - THEY LOVED IT. Completely fell in love the main Account Executive takes a look while slowly turns her face looks at me "You got it, I want you to work a huge event tomorrow 12-8 can you make it" I wanted to cry, I almost screamed YES without even knowing if I had anything planned. I walked out feeling on top of the world. I sent a massive text to my boyfriend, family & friends "I officially work for DIOR!!!" Every single response made me teary "I knew it !!" "Omg I am soo proud of you!" My boyfriends especially made me cry, he was so proud & took me out to dinner and wanted to hear every single detail.

The next day was a HUGE EVENT for Dior, their Top Artists from Dallas flew down. I was nervous but they were my role models for the day. They were willing to show me a huge amount of tips. All my nervousness went away, I knew I was meant to do this. My very first "make over" on a client my new boss was shadowing me - I did what I knew and I made my client feel comfortable..after that ..I did at least 14 other make overs. They loved it & wanted to purchase every product. As I watch the other artists I realized they were in my shoes one day.. a little nervous, intimidated by such great experience they may have, and big dreams. I realized you need to start from the bottom to make it to the top. I realized you need to continue to put yourself out there & show the world your talents and it will all be returned to you one day. I realized you need to take in all the tips and tricks you possibly can because in the make up industry there is a never ending tips for you to know. My optimistic mind never went south & because of that I got the job I have always wanted.

Here is a photo of a make over I did a couple of days ago :) She absolutely loved it. I got her out of her comfort zone. She mentioned to me she "wants to wear colors, but I'm a little scared" I told her change is fun & it's a great way to express yourself. After showing her once I was finished she even got teary "I feel beautiful, thank you" best feeling in the world.

The lovely Dior counter & the photo down below - my make up kit.

These are two looks I had a couple of days at work. My make up for work is usually a "dramatic look" - smokey fun eyes & a bright fun lipstick. I'm not afraid of color/change, it's a way I express myself. I get excited to do my make up for work - I have to wear all black, so my uniform is pretty much how I do my eye makeup. I am the youngest working for them so my boss pushes me even more to do my make up "dramatic" to get customers to want to try our amazing products.

I think the best feeling in the world is after I am done doing a make up & let them see the mirror they sometimes can't believe the way they look & they will just look at me and say "I've never felt so beautiful" or "thank you I feel very confident" "Your work is breathtaking" best feeling ever!

Top questions I usually always get while I am giving a make over & having conversation with my clients...

"Who taught you how to do make up?"
No one :) I learned on myself. Ever since middle school I was always playing around with make up, then high school I was always the friend that would do everyones make up for dances or occasions. I feel that practice makes perfect. If I'm home after a long day & all done with everything I need for that day - I'll play around with eye shadows and come up with different looks just for fun. I am a self taught artist, I gather any tips I possibly can. Everyday I learn something new about make up, I read up magazines, anything and everything to learn something.

"Do you have a YouTube channel I can follow so I can learn more?"

ahhhh, I NEED TO START. I honestly have just had zero time since it's the ending of a semester but hopefully by next week I can have a day! I want to do shopping hauls, how to, tutorials, everything! I loveeee sharing everything I know :)

"Do you have any advice for me, I am JUST getting into make up & I have no idea what to do"

PLAY AROUND WITH IT :) You'll never know if you don't "like a look" if you don't mess around with your colors. Have fun with it. Have different looks, try fun colors to get out of your comfort zone. Practice on yourself once your home with nothing to do. Start by purchasing good quality products at a Drugstore, Target, CVS to learn more & once you feel you are confident you can start investing in higher brand make up - not that you have to, but only if you want too :)

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post, sorry it's pretty much a novel :)
I hope this inspired you to always have an open mind & be confident in yourself if you know what you are capable of achieving. If you don't push yourself & put yourself out there you'll never get to wear you know you deserve.


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  1. love the photos, love the makeover

  2. Congratulations! It sounded like you had an amazing time. I love posts with happy endings ;)

  3. This is so inspiring! If I got an offer like this, I'd probably quit college. Haha, nah...but I'd much rather be doing makeup then sitting in business class. Congratulations :)


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