Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovely New Dior Products

Hey lovely ladies && a big hii to my newest followers :)
Here are a few lovely new Dior products I have received && that I am so glad to own because I'm loving these new babies! The above photos is from work one day! We were showing off our new Dior gift packages && our display was amazing !

DiorSkin Shimmer in 001 - $44.00

The blush has been selling like crazy at our counter. It's gorgeous, the first time I tried it on myself I fell in lovee with it. It has 4 different shades of blush and 1 gorgeous hightlighter on the left side. When I use this on my clients I usually use a powder blush and then slightly get a big powder brush and sweep it all over this palette & place is slowly over the apple of their cheek bones. Sometimes, I will even use this shimmer over my face to give me a nice glow. This is considered a "all over shimmer" compact. I loveee it.

Dior Addict Lipgloss - $27.50

The gorgeous lipgloss was kindly sent to me. This is such a "holiday" && Fall color. It's in Draped Lilac. I've worn it out a couple of times && it's definitely a long lasting color. I wore this color with very light eye makeup, just simple black eyeliner && mascara since this has a lot of color. It has a very ultra gloss to it.

DiorShow Eyebrow pencil - $28.00

This is honestly another product that definitely sells a lot. This eyebrow pencil is a universal color - it can fit anyone's shape of brows && color of skin/hair. It gives such a natural look, and all it takes is a few strokes. There is tons of product & is long lasting.

DiorShow Blackout Mascara $24.50

The BLACKEST mascara, ever! This mascara is 10x BLACKER than any other mascara. The blacker the mascara the more of an illusion you give off to thicker lashes. I been using this mascara for the past two weeks && I see such a difference. It lengthens & give your lashes tons of volume.

The amazing AirFlash Foundation $62.00

This product as well, was kindly sent to me. I was so happy to receive this! I use this on almost all my clients and it has been our #1 seller at the counter. This is an "airbrush" type of foundation. You apply this on a flat brush and slowly blend it into your skin. It is a little pricey, BUT the investment is worth it. All you need is two pumps a day, one pump for one side of the face & one more pump for the other side of your face. This product has full coverage, you don't even need to apply a powder over it but you can just to set it. Many customers were VERY skeptical about this foundation thinking there was no way a spray can have this much coverage, once I tried it on them & showed them the proper way to apply it - they were blown away.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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  1. Hi lovely, I just found your blog, I like it!!
    You have another follower for Bloglovin Now!!
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    You like art and fashion?

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  2. The Dior Skin Shimmer looks so gorgeous though I have to say, I've never been impressed with any Dior Mascara.

  3. Your blog is amazing! so glad I found it! Gotta love Dior! I love their Mascara.




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