Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jewelry Organization!

Jewelry Organization

Hey darlings! Recently, I have been jewelry left & right as if I'm holding my very own jewelry showcase. I'm a big fan of accessories, the biggest. I feel that they are such a good statement. You can always dress up any simple outfit and make any glam outfit pop out even more with any wardrobe. The photo above is how I keep MOST of my jewelry (I have tons scattered all over my computer desk as well) but for the most part I have them on my vintage jewelry case my Grandma gave me. One of my presents for Christmas was this vintage looking jewelry holder that my Mom gave me && I probably put it to good use! I took a few photos to give you guys some organization tips :)

These are MOST of my rings..(some are at the bottom of my purse, my car, my computer desk..) yes, I have millions. I 'm a huge ring person.
I'm actually on a hunt right now for a vintage looking bowl to keep my rings but I really like how I am able to view all my rings on top of my jewelry box. I just have such a large amount that I'm looking for another way but the way I keep my rings right now - I'm loving it.

This is the new jewelry holder that is happily in my room now. I love how vintage it looks.

& here's the finishing project! I didn't want to over do it with of course all my necklaces but I wanted to keep my smaller ones on here and the ones I usually wear a lot more during the day. At the bottom I have a few nail polishes that I have been wearing a lot lately. I love the way it looks on my night stand. I have a candle that I have placed in front of it and some fashion books I keep behind it.. I have this right next to my night stand. I'm really loving it. I'm also keeping the rings I wear the most on here as well. You'll see more up close photos down below.

I'm still not done completely organizing all my jewelry but for the most part - this tiny project of fixing up my jewelry holder worked out pretty well. I hope this little post helped you guys get a little taste on jewelry organization!

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  1. So cute! we both have that gold love double ring from Charlotte Russe :)

  2. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog. That jewelry organizer is SO CUTE! I have a major thing for birds :) where did you find that??!


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