Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini Target Haul.

Mini Target Haul

hey gorgeous readers,
Here's a quick post on a few items I picked up today from Target. I loveee Target, I'm always putting things in my basket that I don't even need...but definitely WANT.

I finally got my hands on these..&& it was a plus because they came in a double pack! This lip products are lip moisturizer that are tinted and come in clear as well.
The clear one (blue bottle) is called Quenched.. I've already opened up the package and I lovee the way my lips feel already! The pink tinted one is called "Pink Punch" I've tried it out already also, it has a nice pink tint to it. This product was $5.99, which was good..$3 for each :) I'll definitely make a repurchase on these for sure!

I'm a huge sucker for any hair treatments, I love love taking good care of my hair. I found this Dove daily moisture treatment and I'm excited to try it out.
This is a daily leave in conditioner to help damaged hair..I straighten my hair so much & I know it's not very good for your hair so I loveee a good leave in product. We'll see how this works! It smells amazing.

From left to right.
Such a pretty light green color. Definitely an "apple tree" color! I don't have a nail polish this color so I had to bring it home to me !

I've wanted this nail polish so badly! Every time I would go and look for it, it has always been sold out. Today was my lucky day. I love how much glitter this product has.. I'm so excited to try it out ! I'll definitely post photos when I try this out.

NICOLE by OPI Clear Top Coat

My original Sally Hansen Top Coat was ready to be thrown in the trash already since I have used up all the product! I found this lovely one today and wanted to give it a try. Top Coat is always important to p
ut over your nails to prevent chipping!

300 " Walk on the Beach "
Loreal has a brand new line of nail polishes out ! They had so many pretty colors!
Today I just got a nude color since I have been on a hunt for one! It's gorgeous, I'm excited to try them out! I don't remember the price but I know it was less then $6 :)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation
I loveee trying out new foundations! I have such a huge variety - from high end to drug store. I got this foundation in 80 Medium Beige, I had a coupon for any Neutrogena product so I ended up only paying I believe $7 for this one.. (originally $11.99) I've always heard such great reviews on this one so let's see how it works out & I'll definitely do a review on it soon!

Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss
I've tried one of the Neutrgoena glosses before and I was so impressed! My lips felt so smooth all day long. This is also a lip protector but has a shimmery tint to it as well. This color is called "Natural Boost"

Revlon Lip Butter
I've been obsessed with these lately ! Cotton Candy is probably my favorite. I am beyond impressed with the quality of these lip butters ! I picked up another one today in "Candy Apple" it was a gorgeous red tint to it. These are at such good prices you can't beat them.. they are priced at $6.99 I believe.. but I believe at CVS & Walgreens they may be a little more pricey. This are always a must and recommend these for sure !

Sally Hansen Salon Effects
I've always always always been a huge fan of the salon effects and now they are coming out with so many designs! I picked up this one today it's called "Lust-Rous" You can't tell so much in the photo but they have gold & silver sparkles over a black top coat. I've never been disappointed in these, many people aren't a fan of these but they have always been on the top of my list. These are about $9 - I never get tired of these ! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this small post !

Natasha Marie


  1. Oh my gosh Rainbow In the S-Kylie looks gorgeous! MUST get it :)
    I know what you mean about Target. When i was in America over Christmas i went in there and piled my basket full of stuff i really didn't need. I just found it so exciting haha, and everything seemed to cheap to me. Love those Maybelline lip balms too :) xx

  2. Tarjayy, i love that store, I never walk out empty handed..well, i walk out without the item I actually went for. The make up isle just hypnotizes you.

  3. Love everything you got! Those Salon Effects are awesome! Ill have to try that color out :)

  4. I also had the problem with Rainbow In the S-Kylie where it was always sold out, but I found it a week ago and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I'd love to get those lip butters and baby lips!

  5. everything looks so so so good! I love going into a place and just getting so excited that everything you want is cheap and there! That OPI nail polish looks fab! ("SIT UNDER THE APPLE TREE") and the Nicole ones look amazing!



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