Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New shoes & weekend adventures!

hey sweet darlings!
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone's week has been going wonderful!
I have been on the biggest hunt for a nude pair of heels that I are love at first sight. I finally found some! I purchased these gorgeouss Guess nude pumps. Nice & simple like I have been searching for. They were regular $89.00 & I got them for $39.99 hello BARGAIN!! Plus side, they are extremely comfy! :) I think it's always good to have a simple black pair of heels & a simple pair of nude heels! My shoe collection is growing!

Nail polish of the week
Loreal "Walk on the Beach"
The perfect nude nail polish. I love love love nude. I love that it can always go with any outfits. I was really impressed with this line. Loreal just recently came out with a whole new nail polish collection! After trying this nail polish out I love that it lasted a whole week without zero chipping! I'll definitely be purchasing more of this collection !

&& here's a lovely photo of my wonderful boyfriend & I from dinner on the island this past weekend. It means the world to me that till this day we always always always go out for dinner and have alone time with each other. I feel that quality time is very important in a lasting relationship. He's the most beautiful kind hearted person I have ever met in my entire life. He truly treats me like a queen 24/7. I'm planning on a blog post on just the boyfriend & I coming soon :)

Hope you enjoyed this post & hope your day is going fabulous!

Natasha Marie


  1. oh my gosh those shoes are freakin hot!!!

  2. Now that's funny. The minute i typed blogger i saw the pic of the shoes, i had to click. Seriously, comfortable and ridiculously cute?!!! Did you buy them on sale on a website?
    one more thing...
    is that nail polish from the L'Oreal Runway Collection?

  3. I do not usually go for nude nailpolishes but I like like the L'Oreal one you posted!

  4. I have yet o get myself a nude pair of shoes, I have a few black so im set on those. you and the bf are so cute, happy for you! :)

  5. So cute! Your shoes are to die!

  6. Lovely pumps! Do you want to follow each other?

  7. Love your style and lovely blog! New follower :D


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