Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Outfit.

My lovely bloggers,
How is everyone doing? Wonderful I hope :) I love love all your sweet comments you all leave & instead of me going back to each page and write back what I feel is easier to just to comment back here on my page - so check back if you have left me a comment on here :)
This past weekend I decided to take a few shots of my outfit to share with you all. It had a fun 'vintage' feel to it :) I really want to start taking more outfit photos (since I have been shopping like it's still my birthday) & since I love love love getting dressed up & picking out different accessories - I'd lovee to share all this with you all ! It's exciting to me to open up my closet, look at all my jewelry & make up and decide what "look" I feel like doing today. It's dress up everyday whether I am dressed up in heels and a skirt or a T-shirt and some comfy Toms; you can always feel confident in any outfit you decide to wear.
My eye make-up for the night in the close up above photo is all from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I really loveeee this palette; you can do so many different looks. From day to night. I recommend it to everyone all the time! The rest of my face is all MAC & I have been using a new mascara this month that I will talk about down below. xo.

here`s a close up of my necklace & earrings for the night.
Both purchased at Forever21.
I lovee Forever21. I love that all the prices are so reasonable for everyone & you can always dress up ANY outfit with their huge jewelry collection they have all the time. I love the necklace I decided to pair my blouse with because it stood out a lot. I wore this top with a black mini skirt and studded heels (that I forgot to take photos of, oops!)

a close up of my eye make up & my lashes.
I get questions a lot of my lashes. They are completely real & I have never worn fake lashes once in my lifetime lol. My lashes are dramatically long - it's not normal.
When I was younger I actually HATED how long they were and I always always always wanting to "trim them with scissors" thank god I never did that !

Nails & ring from Charolette Russe.

& the up close of my "Mascara Of The Month!" I love trying out new mascaras every month - whether it's drug store or high end. I want to start sharing them with you all as well. If anything, mascara is my top favorite beauty product ! You always look so awake with mascara and it really brings out the color of your eyes! I purchased this at Target - about $6-7 (& I used a coupon and got it for much cheaper - coupons are the best ! ) I was very impressed with this mascara - I love how the wands are thick plastic and help separate your lashes. It didn't leave any clumps at all which I loved! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post, leave me your lovely comments & I'll get back to each and every one of you!

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  1. love it all so cute

  2. your eyes are gorgeous.. love the nail colour too!

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  3. love that necklace and the ring too
    cool blog deffo follwing you

  4. dying hun u look amazing love it!!

  5. you are so pretty! that nail color is gorgeous. following:)

  6. thank you so much for letting me know it wasnt there, hun!! i didnt even notice, i'm still new here:) haa fixed!

  7. Love the outfit. The accessories are so edgy, hip, and cool. Nice combination.

  8. Great post! I love that nail polish color!

    New follower

  9. lovely post! i've been debating whether or not i should get that mascara or the new lash blast, i guess this one is great ^_^
    i'm glad i found your blog!
    anyways great post!! now following

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  10. OMG OMG OMG Im super jealous of your eyelashes! you never need to wear falsies with such beautiful and full nature eyelashes meh

    nice ear studs btw :)

  11. You are gorgeous. Love the look. :)

  12. Your eye makeup looks stunning xxx

  13. cute nails love your top


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