Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Make-Up and Looks

hey beautiful ladies,
It feels like it has been a long time since I have last blogged! I'm in my current "blog" mood :) Pajamas. In the boyfriends bed. Nice and relaxed. I wanted to share with you ladies some past week & weekend looks and makeup! Every day is obviously a different look. Whether it's the simple school look, going out look, smokey look, simple eyes but bright red lips look; I change my looks every single day. It's fun. It's dress up time every day. The perks of being a girl.
The above photo was a fun look to do - it was for St. Patrick's Day! I went for a dramatic green and little smokey on the outer part of my lid & just blended it all out so it came out as a faded light to dark look (which is my favorite to do) As you can see in the photo above I used 3 different shades of green to play around and get this look! A quad from Dior, MAC, and Lancome. For my highlight I used "Virgin" from the NAKED palette & added a little MAC glitter to the highlight as well as a little under my eyes. Highlight is important to give you eyes that little spark & helps tone down a dark look as well. I used a new nail polish that day as well (above photo) Sally Hansen & a Sinful glitter top coat. I decided to might as well go ALL OUT and go ALL in green. Since I had dramatic eyes I went for low key on the lips; I a very simple shimmer. A revlon lipgloss I picked up at Target a while back ago that I really love but can't remember the name of it (ahhh) I love love love going all out for fun occasions! I don't think I will ever get bored of that. On to the next look...

NAKED Palette :)
This entire look came from my lovely NAKED palette. Speaking of the NAKED palette I have still yet to purchase the NAKED2 palette but have been thinking I should just get in my car and drive to Sephora and pick it up. I haven't heard any bad reviews on it at all, however, I do keep hearing it's very similar to the original palette but that this palette has more of a purple undertone. I'm sure I'll be picking up sooner or later but until then I am loving my original palette! This was a night out look. I paired this see through long sleeve (with a black tank top underneath, duhhh) and a black and white striped skirt. The top was adorable and I wish I would have taken more photos! In the front of this long sleeve blouse you were able to tie a little bow tie in front of the collar - very Kourtney Kardashian style. You were either able to let the two fabrics hang (which looked extremely awkward if you had left it like that) OR tie it in a cute little bow tie; of course I chose the bow tie! It was adorable! I went out with my hair down but ended up putting it in a high bun. Make-up was pretty simple; black smokey & highlight. Lips: Niki Minaj Satin :) Love that color! My nails were such a statement; bright mint. My favorite! & the accessories were fun to play around with as well. All jewelry was from Forever21, (:

Ah, yes, the little brother's 10th birthday.
My love. My life. My little man.
Of course I went a little dressed up for my little man! Now the Spring is here; playing with colors is so much fun. I wore a very high bun; I was actually sporting the "SOCK BUN" which works great with my hair since my hair is pretty thick and wavy. It's amazing the way the sock gives you so much "volume" on your bun! Bright pink lipstick..none other than the lovely MAC; I am pretty sure this lipstick was called "GIRL ABOUT TOWN!" Eyes were very simple since I knew I was going to be wearing bright lipstick. All my eyes consisted of were black eyeliner, mascara, and a highlight under my brow which was the incredible Anastasia hightlighter (amazing!)
I wore this huge statement necklace that I adore! Simple black tank top underneath and a fun bright yellow flowy top.
the little brother had the time of his life :)

This day I was headed to a BBQ with the boyfriend so I decided to go with a nice and simple look. Nude lips, black eyeliner, and highlighter - that was the look for the night. I used a Revlon nude lipstick. I've really been loving Revlon products they have always been a top favorite for drug store products. I have two nude lipsticks from MAC and for some reason I love my Revlon one way more (oops!) I wore a purple tank top with details at the bottom and a black blazer. I felt like I was a little girl in a candy store when I finally found the perfect blazer. To be completely blunt - I have a large chest, yes boobs. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls. BUT when finding the perfect blazer that lets my girls breathe and feel comfortable was hard to find! But I finally found it (jumps for joy) it's such a fun and classy blazer. Heaven.

I decided to snap a photo of my insane make up train case. This isn't even HALF of anything that I have. This collection only continues to keep growing, it's not normal I know; but it makes me happy :) I feel like make up is a work of art on your face. There is an unlimited amount of different ways to do your make up - I love it. I think what makes me really happy is when I am do make up on clients, friends, family - anyone..and the reaction of "Oh my god - thank you so much, I feel so beautiful" When I was doing freelance work for Dior everyday was a different look, a different skin type, a different individual just looking for a way to boost their confidence. Every young girl and adult that sat down on my chair was ready for a change. After giving them a complete make over and seeing their reaction was priceless..some even got me a little teary. They all just wanted to feel beautiful and I did that for them and I gave them the boost of confidence I feel EVERY WOMAN should have. I saw them walk a little taller that day as they left the Dior counter with tons of new beauty products in their bag that I recommended for them. I feel it's important to have that confidence as a woman; it makes you feel amazing, it makes you feel you can conquer the world and go after anything and everything you have ever wanted.

Until next time,
Stay beautiful my lovely readers.

Natasha Marie

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  1. You are gorgeous. Wow!! Love the make up look you put together and the nails. :) I would love to see you do a look with the naked palette. Like a neutral look. :)

  2. your eyes are always so gorgeous!

  3. Oh, I hear ya on the cosmetic cases.... I busted out my old Caboodles from cerca 1990?? and have them both filled to the BRIM! Pretty sure the new designs don't hold near as many eye shadow pots or tubes of mascara, there isn't near as much space to organize. I'm still looking for some sort of catch-all, but so far the old-school peach and pink & teal caboodles are doing the trick for me!


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