Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NEW hair. Change is always fun!

hey beautiful girls (:

I wanted to do a quick post for you all and share my new hair ! :)
I love love love changing my hair color. This was a spontaneous thing that popped up! Just a few hours before I made the appointment I thought "I feel like coloring my hair just because!" And I made the appointment! My hair is naturally black. I've dyed my hair brown, I've had light brown/blonde higtlights, I've been jet black, I've had jet black with pink stripes...&& NOW I have caramel highlights :) Since Spring is here & Summer is just 2 months away I love going a bit lighter. Recently I dyed my hair jet JET black. The blackest it has ever been. I went to my hair stylist & told her what I was thinking and what she recommended - she approved and thought it would look well. It's always good to get their point of view because after all, they are the professionals. I ended up getting my highlights underneath rather than starting at my roots. Since my hair was extra dark - I wanted the bottom to be a bit lighter and I thought with the regular hightlights that would start on my roots would look a bit odd (plus, I would have to keep going back and forth for to touch up my roosts) I'm loving this new mini change. I think change is so good and exciting at the same time! I'm thinking for Fall (already planning ahead) I want to go burgundy with some light red highlights! :) The boyfriend really liked my hair too which was good to hear! He's only seen me with my jet black hair!

Hope you all enjoyed this mini post.


Natasha Marie


  1. This looks lovely. I've been wanting to dye my hair quite recently too because at the moment its so many different colours! I want to go dark brown and then get some highlights in too. Hopefully It'll look nice one me as this does on you.
    Great blog hun :) Been reading your posts.

    <3 Ploy xx

  2. I was going to dye my hair back black because its dark brown at the moment... now im considering leaving it now the suns out >_< ohhh dont know what to do! lol

  3. Love your hair. So pretty. :)

  4. Gorgeous!


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