Thursday, March 29, 2012

MAKE UP & beauty Haul !


No, I didn't purchase ALL of this at the same time, that would be a bit obsessive. This is a collective* haul of items I've purchased the past couple of weeks. I've had these photos on my Mac ready to go and now it's time to blog about them! These items you can find all at your Walmart, Target, or CVS. As much as I love my "high end" make up (MAC, Dior, Lancome etc..) I also love love love drug store make up. Many companies such as Revlon, Elf, and even Wet n' Wild have been updating their products for a more sleek look which I am loving. Some of these prices are amazing and so affordable for anyone and everyone ; these items are especially good for beginners wanting to try out new products or even update your makeup collection :)
I'm in LOVE with MAC..anytime I walk to their counter I want to pass out because I want every single item they have BUT I always want to pass out when I pass by the cosmetic section at Target with all their new products that have been updated! Make up is make up; regardless the price of the item I think you can always rock ANYTHING - high end or drug store :)

Sally Hansen Inta-Dri Top Coat
I've been looking for an effective top coat that truly works and have my nails dry fast. I finally found one!
Product Descriptions:
-No chip & shine for 10 days.
-Quick Dry
-Apply nail color; wait 2 minutes & apply 1 coat. Manicure will be dry to touch in 30 seconds.
After I read "dry to touch in 30 seconds" I thought yeaaaa right.
Which is why I purchased it because I wanted to see if it really worked - amen, it does.
Literally, 30 seconds and my nails were completely dry. I started doing things around the house, put my hair up, organized my clothes all after 3o seconds after putting on my top coat. It was crazy. I've never had a top coat do this :) I definitely recommend this, plus it was only about $4.

Blistex Lip Conditioner
I'm obsessed with having some sort of lip balm on my lips to prevent dry lips. I've always used different types of lip balms and this one is pretty good! It was only about $2 at CVS :) It leaves your lips extra shiny && it's a good moisturizer to have on your lips a couple of hours before if you're going to apply bright lipstick to prevent stains on your lips the next day!

Nail Buffer
Nothing TOO exciting, BUT I was in need of a new buffer because my last one looked like it was chewed up by a dog. I use this EVERY single time I do my nails to fix them up and condition them :) Only about $3 at Target. I love love love this, I've purchased this more than 5 times.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder - Medium Beige

I've never ever ever used any other face powder besides MAC, Dior, and Lancome BUT I've always heard great reviews on this face powder. I decided to try this out (I also had a $3 coupon and all of their items were on sale so I only got this for about $1 - woo! ) So with THAT price - why not? I'm excited to try this out :)

Loreal Paris Eyeshadow - Perpetual Purple

I've used this a lot lately! I got this because one of my lovely bloggers was raving about these items. This shadow is crazy pigmented! I love it. I also really like that when you open the case there is a pressed palette inside to help keep the shadow full and together.

Wet n' Wild - 'Carrot Gold'
This is one of the items I've been wanting to try out ! From all my youtube and blogger ladies there has always been nothing but GREAT reviews on these NEW formulated lipsticks!
I was very very impressed how pigmented this lipstick was on my lips - I actually wore this out a couple of days ago and sooo many girls thought it was my MAC lipstick. I only picked up one to try it out and check out how these work on my lips and I definitely want to pick up a few more. The BEST part is that these are only $1.95 which is crazy! It also look very good when a placed a lipgloss over to give it a glossy look! It's such a beautiful coral look - perfect for summer time :) It's always good to have a wide variety of lipsticks to choose from and for this great price you can't go wrong :)

Brazilian Keratin Therapy
Every single time I go to a store I always see these and want to try them out and never end up purchasing it, well now it finally happened. It's an anti-breakage serum for your hair that you can use or wet or dry hair. It smells AMAZING so amazing I want to get 8 more back ups. It has coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil, and cocoa butter - love! It looks like such an expensive product but it was only about $7 at Target. I've been using this every single day..mainly focusing on the ends of my hair. It smells so fresh, I'm in love with it.

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara - Blackest Black
I actually got this as soon as it came out because I'm a sucker for trying out new mascaras! So many of my bloggers && youtube girls have all been trying out this new mascara also. I'm really liking this baby! Definitely gives my lashes soo much volume. Even though my lashes are so long it's not normal that almost every mascara I tend to like - but this one just gives them the illusion of looking thicker (which looks like you have way more lashes) Definitely a keeper! I think this was about $6 or $7 at Target !

Lancome Juicy Tubes
You can never go wrong with these - I highly doubt I even have to write about these because I know tons of people love these !
Raspberry Ice, Berry Bold, and Simmer.
These are the most glossy lipglosses ever, I love them!

Elf is a brand that I have really been impressed with. Many people have the positive thoughts on it and many have their negative thoughts on it. I actually really like this brand. Elf (Eyes Lips Face) is a VERY affordable brand of makeup - so affordable it's exciting. I have JUST recently started purchasing a lot more of their products and haven't been let down yet ! I picked up these two blushes (left) Tickled Pink & (right) Pink Passion- ONLY $3 at Target, I actually really really really like these blushes - very pigmented! These are the 1st blushes I have tried from their Elf "Studio" line, very impressed! :)

Rimmel London: Autum Catwalk
Wet n' Wild: Pearlescent Pink
I have tons of 'pink' blushes and I picked up these warmer blushes just to have.
I haven't tried the Rimmel London YET but the shimmer on it is gorgeous, the Wet n' Wild I just wanted to try for fun since it was ONLY about $2 - I love bargains. I love having a huge variety of blushes.

nails. nails. nails.
Revlon: Radiant
This color is CRAZY gorgeous! So bright and full of glitter.

Sinful colors: Queen of Beauty
I use this over a top coat :)

Sally Hansen: Limestone
I used this nail polish on my nails for St. Patricks day - so bright and didn't chip for a week, loved it. There's a photo on 2 previous blog posts :)

Olay Make-up Wipes

These are always on my top list of make up wipes. I also love the Neutrogena, Elf, and Clean n' Clear make up wipes also - I just like to change it up every once in a while. I've repurchased these so many times - they leave my face feeling so fresh and really helps remove ALL my makeup before I start to use my other face cleaning products :) About $4.50 at Target :)

Oh the perks of being a girl & getting to purchase such fun items.
I'm happy with all the things I got and excited to try out some of the items! :)

I'm in the process of trying to organize ALL my make up - my collection is growing ...(by the second) and I've been slowing trying to organize once that is finished I'll definitely post a blog to show you all the ways I organize - since I'm an organized FREAK :)

Natasha Marie


  1. I love SH Insta Dri too! Seche Vite is great too, its basically the same as Insta Dri but has a shinier finish. :)

  2. I just bought a bunch of those wet n wild lipsticks and they are great

  3. I have just picked up that revlon mascara as well! I havent tried it out yet though. Good post:)

  4. Amazing Haul
    Hope You Stop By & Follow me 2 !!!!
    Check out my post on Lip Balms

  5. I hear ya girl my collection was growing by the second and I had to put an end to it!! lol I have a new twitter, I sent you the request! Miss youu

  6. Beautiful and very inspiring posts on your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Great hail - love the juicy tubes!

  8. Thanks sweetie, I just followed back!:X

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  10. like your blog dearrrrrrr,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :):)


  11. good haul, kerating therapy is the best thing for dry hair. I love it and ave 3 backups (just in case lol)


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