Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easy Nail Art.

hey girls! ( & my cute boyfriend because he reads my blogs all the time lol)
I wanted to share with you guys this very easy and fun way to spark up your nails. I wanted to have "Spring colorful" nails. I went through my nail polish collection and chose these bright colors. You can do this with ANY color you wish. All you will need is a base coat - and 4 other nail polishes you wish to have. (or more - completely up to you) 4 toothpicks and a top coat :) && that's it. Easy as 1,2,3.

This is the final look. It's different and it's fun. They really stand out since I chose bright neon colors - but the colors are up to you!

I ended up with picking out this bright pink nailpolish as the base coat, I wanted a bright color at the bottom so my neon colors would stand out a lot. I applied this to my nails & applied a top coat so when I added the dots they would already be dried up. It was my first time doing this on my nails so I didn't want it to get messy!

Pick out 4 different colors. (or more) but I decided just to go with four. I wanted to go with Spring colors that would pop out on my nails.
The colors I picked were::
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in LIMESTONE (Target)
-Color Club Professional Nail in ALMOST FAMOUS (HEB)
-Revlon in Minted (my favorite Mint color) (Target)
-Revlon in Posh Pink (Target)

I then got a blank piece of paper & slowly added some polish on the paper with the brush, you don't need a lot - I just used two brush applications.

This is the part where you need just a little patience. I slowly dabbed the end of the toothpick into the polish and in a straight angle applied the little dots on my nails. I decided to just do them on the right side of my nails instead of the entire nail but you can do it however you like. Once you get the hang of applying the polish to your nails with the toothpick it will get easy :)

& then I used my favorite Top Coat - in 30 seconds your nails are completely dry! I loveee this, and it was only about $3 at Target :) Definitely recommend it.

&& this is how they look in the end :) Extremely easy and only took a few extra mins to add that spark to your nails! :) I hope you all enjoyed this lovely post and saw how easy it was to do this at home!

Life has been going more better than I could ever imagine & I hope life is going just as amazing for you guys. I really appreciate all the comments you guys leave me and I love all my new followers!

Natasha Marie

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  1. Cute! Love the colors. I will have to try this. ;)

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  2. Love the nails. That pink polish is very pretty.

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  3. looks like polka dots are in right now lol ive been seeing alot of creative polka dot nails i love urs! the quote is so inspiring thank you so much for sharing doll.!!

  4. Seeing this post has made me want to try polka dots.. Maybe black and white to match my iPad case :D
    I love your photography and the little quotes you have in your posts.



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