Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Natural Eye Make-up.

Hey lovely ladies of mine!
How are all my sweet bloggers doing? Wonderful I hope. Life has been going so amazing lately, I have been waking up every single morning thanking God for this life. I'm full of happiness every day. Life is far too precious to take a single day for granted! :)
I wanted to share with you guys a very easy & simple natural look I usually do during the week while at school or running errands! These were from last week but I finally have some time to get some blogging done :)

Simple Eye Look :)
Products used :: You don't have* to use all these brands to get this look, you can always use any brand that has similar colors like the ones I used.

-Naked Palette: Virgin all over my eyelid.
-MAC: Skin finish in Soft & Gentle in the corner of my eye. (My favorite!)
-Dior Mascara: Blackout. (Blackest mascara on the market, fyi :) )
-Anastasia highlight under brows. (LOVE)
-Loreal black eyeliner in blackest black.

Those are the only products I used for this look. It takes me less than 15 mins! I usually wear this look during the week or at least something similar to it. During the week I keep my make up pretty simple but with the MAC skin finish (Soft & Gentle) in the corner of my eyes it always gives it that little spark! Now when the weekend comes around when I'm obviously more dressed up and ready to go out with my girls - I always play around with my colors! Sometimes also what I will do during the week if I'm not wearing too much make up on my eyes & if I feel I look sleepy - I like to put a little blue eyeliner on the water line and keep it simple with just mascara! That's always a little fun way to dress up your face just a little if you don't want to do much :)

My photography.

To my newest followers who have just started following my blog (waves at computer screen) not only am I a huge girly girl that loves to talk about beauty products with girls from all over the world and loves inspiring people to go after their dreams - I'm also a freelance photographer!
I wanted to share with you a few photos I have been editing this week :) These are some of my favorites! I'm working on wedding photos & engagement photos! Photography is my passion! Make up is as well - I love the feeling of doing a complete make over on someone and seeing their reaction in the mirror once I'm done it's the best feeling ever! But photography is just heaven to me. I love being in charge of capturing moments for people that are going to last a lifetime! I'm very proud of where I am right now and how much I have accomplished with my business! I have done 5 weddings (big & small) and countless maternity, family portraits, kid portraits, birthday parties, a fashion show, glamour new borns etc etc. It's been such an incredible journey. I thank God everyday for giving me this talent.
Here is the link to my business page on Facebook if you girls would like to take a look at it & see the rest of my work - "like" it for all my updates!

Natasha Marie Photography
^^^ click the link for my page!

Lately, I have truly been thanking God - for everything. My beautiful friends, my huge family, my wonderful boyfriend and just this life in general. I feel extremely blessed for everything I have! It's one of the best feelings in the world! So many opportunities are coming up and it's too exciting to even put into words! Something huge has even happened for my blog - that I will talk about in a separate blog post :) There are so many big things that are going to start happening! Another fun thing to look forward to - I'm finally going to start making YOUTUBE videos - so exciting! Tons of my followers and people on my Facebook have told me countless time I NEED to start making youtube since I love make up so much and LOVE teaching people all my tips and techniques! So that is something I am so excited about - my boyfriend and I are planning a trip this week to go out and look for the perfect HD video camera so if you guys know of any please let me know :) He's buying it for me as a "I'm so proud of you" gift - he's the most supportive person that has ever been in my life! He pushes me every single day and anytime I book a photo shoot or get an exciting email from a company - OR ANYTHING he his ALWAYS* with the biggest smile on his face telling me how proud he is of me! He's beautiful. I've learned in life that YOU are the only person in control of your life and it's up to YOU to make changes :) A million beautiful opportunities have happened to me because I put myself out there and show the world what I am capable of doing and in return - I get some amazing opportunities.
Never settle.
Go after everything and anything you want in your life.
It's up to you to make changes.
It's up to you to put yourself out there to the world.
Anything is possible.
& no dream is ever too big.


Till next time lovely ladies,
Love you all.

Natasha Marie


  1. This is such a lovely blog post! Your photos are amazing! I love the simple eye looks, I do something similar for everyday. Also, good luck with your Youtube Videos!! xx

  2. Love the eye look! Your mascara looks amazing. I needed to try it.

    Also thats some lovely photography





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