Friday, April 27, 2012

Apothica HAUL.

hey lovelies ! :)
I'm loving the large amount of views I am getting daily, it puts the biggest smile on my face!!
The giveaway went GREAT && I'm so excited for Sabrina to have a chance to pick out something fabulous from!

Mr. Mailman is my official new best friend. My sponsors were lovely enough to let me pick out a few items from their sites! I was SO thrilled - it seemed as if I spent the entire day online window shopping to pick out some must haves! I am incredibly thankful for these opportunities I have and even more grateful I have the chance to share all these fun experiences with you girls!
Now, let's get started. xo

The beautiful DEBORAH LIPPMANN nail polish. This polish is too beautiful for words and this photo does no justice for how gorgeous it is! This was the 1st item that went directly to "add to cart" I have ALWAYS wanted one of these polishes BUT for $18 I just couldn't see myself spending almost $20 bucks on a polish! Huge thank you to my sponsors! (hugs computer)
The shade is "Across the Universe" as soon as I tried it on I was speechless on how gorgeous it was! It probably won't be too exciting to take off considering it is mostly glitter but to see it on my nails is well worth it :) The package alone is gorgeous! I'm glad to finally have one of these babies sitting nicely in my room! If you are interested feel free to check out their site! They have tons of other polishes for $18 :)

Too Faced Lipstick $19.80 I've never tried a lipstick from Too Faced so I was pretty excited to pick out one of these! I read the reviews and they were pretty convincing. Pigmented, lasted more than 4+hours, shine - sold! This shade is in Pink Flamingo; it's more of a coral color which I love because I don't really own a coral lip stick (I probably DO BUT still wanted it - of course) I did a swatch on my hand as soon as I got it & definitely was impressed with how pigmented it was!

Essie Nail Polish - $8 I'm a sucker for nail polishes! I love love love painting my nails, it's apart of my "me time" late at night while I'm blogging, reading emails, & relaxing. I saw this shade and didn't have it so I figured - why not! This shade is in Naked Truth. Excuse the horrible photo quality, I took these photos in my room at night with not much natural light in the room (oops) BUT I'm really liking it :) It's a light nude/pinkish color! These is the shade of color I usually go to when I am being indecisive and just want something on my nails!

Ballmania Decades Collection Lip Balm.
This is probably the most delicious lip balm ever! I've never tasted a lip balm that tastes as good as this little baby! I've always heard great things about this lip balm so of course I had to have one. I LOVE the packaging, I can just throw it in my purse and dig through it when I need it and will have no problem finding it with its cute packaging! I think this product was less than $5 I believe so you can't beat that price and I was worried there wasn't going to be that much product in it because it looked a bit small but it really does have a lot :)

& then last but not least; cute samples to try out! :) All in all, I'm loving my new beauty products! I was VERY impressed with how FAST the shipping was! Within two days the mail man was once again at my house dropping me off a package! :)

What I'm loving these days.
-My friends; I have truly been blessed with some of the most beautiful friends in the world.
-The opportunities that keep happening for me; I am truly thankful.
-Waking up with a big smile on my face and knowing every morning is a brand new way to start your life amazing.
-Dreaming of the future.
-My followers/sweet comments/emails they make my day, I love reading "you inspire me" those are THE greatest emails I get. I love to inspire everyone, I want EVERYONE to always know they are capable of achieving anything and everything that you want in life. It's only up to you to make the next step.
-My room; you're probably thinking "your room?" Yes, my room inspires me. The jewelry hanging on my wall, the vintage thrift store keepers that hang on my curtains, the row of high heels I am looking at right now, my photography hanging up in my room, the numerous nail polishes I have, the packages I have from sweet companies - all of this inspires me :)
& last but not least.
-My Boyfriend. My one and only. My future. The man that holds my heart. I thank God every second for this beautiful person he placed in my life to save me from ever getting hurt again for the rest of my life. My heart is at peace with him, my heart is smiling, and my heart has finally found the one. He is the most supportive man to ever be in my life. He pushes me, he believes in me, he wants to me conquer all my dreams, he makes me feel #1 every second of every day. I fall in love with the boy every single morning when I wake up with him. He plans our future, he talks about our future wedding, he talks about giving me the world & I couldn't feel more lucky to have this person in my life. (I totally got teary writing this little part by the way, yup, I did) he's the #1 thing that makes my life complete. With him, I feel like I have it all. <3

Hope you girls enjoyed this post, Love. Natasha Marie

..Forever beside you, spending my life loving one man.."


  1. "Across the universe" is absolutely gorgeous! Love the sparkles and color.

  2. Congrats on the sponsorship :) I love how you always end your posts so positive. It puts me in a good mood :)


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