Sunday, April 29, 2012

Target HAUL.

hi lovelies, ♡
I can never get enough Target ! I picked up some goodies the other day when I went in only to pick out a baby shower gift & bag! (happens all the time)
I LOVE Target because their prices are always* pocket friendly!
& their make up section is always so appealing!!
Now, let's see what I got..

-COVERGIRL lipstick in 400 Temptress Charmeuse
I love love love trying out drugstore brand lipsticks & Covergirl has always been a top in my list. I also love the affordable price of only about $6-7 bucks! (hello, bargain!)
I love the color - a pinkish doll color, perfect for Spring!

-ESSIE; "Orange, it's obvious!" from their Spring line!
This color definitely stood out from the rest of the shades. Now, I know you guys probably think I have this obsession with polish (yes, I do) BUT the reason I keep buying them is because I love love changing my nail color so I see them as a good investment because they always come to good use, especially for all my girl friends as well! This color is bright orange; sooo gorgeous!

-LOREAL; Tweet Me.
Ahhh, this color is GORGEOUS! The picture above does no justice for how pretty they are in person! I do own a bright neon yellow but this one is more glittery! The undertone has some gold in it which made me throw this in my basket! Plus, it was only about $5 !

I love trying out new concealers! Especially drug store brands because they have always worked out great for me. I've always hear great reviews on Loreal's True Match line; since I was good on foundation and powder at home I decided to try out their concealer! I'm in color Light/Medium; I actually used it today and was surprised with how much coverage it did for my under eyes! I think that was about $6-7 maybe so it's very affordable for anyone wanting to try out a new concealer!

-Loreal Lineur Intense felt tip liner in Carbon Black; I've purchased this countless times! My ultimate favorite liquid eyeliner is by Lancome but since I was picking up a few more items I decided to pick up this one as well to have as a back up. I LOVEEE this eyeliner and recommend it to anyone looking for a good solid liner that won't hurt your wallet : ) This was about $8.

-Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin
This blush is so incredibly soft when you apply it to your cheeks its crazy! This is my 2nd time purchasing one of these Dream Bouncy blushes! There's actually tons of product in this cute package! I think it was about $6 :)

-Maybelline Eyestudio in Irresistibly Ivy about $5.
As much as I love all my big eye shadow palettes I also lovee having these small shadows because they are always great for traveling or even to always keep in your make bag in your purse for touch ups!

-Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal
LOVE these! You don't even need to apply a primer for these colors because they are extra pigmented! I also have the gold one so I decided to pick up a fun color as well.

-Rimmel London colored eyeliners in Royal Blue and Exaggerate about $4.
I have the black and brown liners from this line and I have always bragged about these how long they last ! Since summer time is coming up I lovee using colored liners rather than black on my waterline. I totally recommend these for anyone looking for fun colored eyeliners! They can spark up any outfit :)

The make up wipes I live by; Neutrogena cleaning wipes, $4.99
I love these & last a month - $5 for a whole month is such a good bargain! I love the way they leave my face feeling extra soft and never dry :)

NYC bronzer in Sunny.
I don't even think I need to write about this lovely bronzer. I know many people swear by this bronzer and I love it. It's about $3 and I have purchased this at least 5+ times! Love it.

what makes me smile:
- going after my dreams.
-reading inspiring books.
-dreaming of the future.
-my boyfriend that I'm going to spend my life with..

Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live your life.

I have lots to be grateful for in this life. I have been given this amazing life and I am going to continue to cherish every moment. No negativity because my life is filled with so much happiness. I have been surrounded with such beautiful people I feel there is no need to spend a day with an negative thoughts. I can't thank God enough.

Hope you girls enjoyed this post,
Natasha Marie


  1. omg you.and your bf..y'all are so cute together. great haul! i love the NYC bronzer.

  2. Great Haul.
    Like the nail polish colors.

  3. You're such a pretty lady.
    Too be honest i think the sunny bronzer is overrated, it's still sitting in my vanity, never reached for it since it's not so bronzy.
    I have the yellow Loreal nail polish, doubt you're gonna like it, like most yellow nail polishes it sucks unless you use a white nail polish underneath it.
    Everything else is lovely.

  4. Great haul! I love Target! I always come out spending more than I planned to! :D

  5. Nice haul. :)

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