Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello, Summer! Target HAUL, again!

Don't you just love the Target?!?!?!
I do.
Target makes me happy. I never go in saying "I'm going to buy some new beauty products!" I usually go when I need to purchase something I need instead of wanting..but no matter what, I ALWAYS end up with a few "wants" that land happily in my shopping cart ! Since it's almost Summer time - bright neon colors are at the top of my list for the next couple of months! Goodbye dark clothing & tights & HELLO bright sandals, little shorts, halter tops, neon nail polish, pink cheeks, fun shadows, bright shorts.. etc etc <3 !
I absolutely love this time of year ! Tan lines & bright colors.
So as I casually walked down the make up aisle already telling myself "I do NOT need anything!" I couldn't help my little heart and decided to treat myself with some fun summer colors !


LOREAL - Club Prive. (light mint color)
ESSIE - Tart Deco. (gorgeous coral color - my fav so far!)
ESSIE - Ole Caliente.(medium pink)
NICOLE by OPI - You're Steal The One. (bright royal blue)

LOREAL Paris Colour Riche Balm - Rose Elixir, about $6 :)
This is my first time trying this lip balm! As soon as I got home I tried it on & it was so refreshing on my lips! This shade is a light pink with a little shimmer to it.

PIXI - 'all over magic' Powder for face. $25.99
I've never tried a 'Pixie' product before & since I had a gift card to spare I decided to try this out since I don't think I would have paid the original $25.99 for it; (smart buyer) (:
The colors are so beautiful on this palette! You may be thinking - this looks like a blush! Because at first that's exactly what I thought it was but once I read it was a all over beauty product I was even more excited to try it out.
'Five shades are blended together to create the perfect radiance boost for your skin and give you a glowing natural look'
I've always heard great reviews over all Pixie brands so I'll definitely let you all know how I'm enjoying it or if I decide to throw it in the trash after using it once.

The famous ESOS lip balm in Starberry Sherbert,
ONLY $2.97 you can't beat that bargain.
This is probably my 3rd time purchasing this little baby. I LOVE them! They have the cutest packaging ever! :) I recommend these all the time, please sing off at this moment and head to your near by Target !

RIMMEL LONDON colored eyeliner in 'Purple Shock'
I have about 4 of these products and I LOVE them. They are not only long lasting but they are such an awesome bargain price! I think they are only about $4-$5, if you don't feel like spending about $15 on a MAC color eyeliner these are such a good product to try out :)

I hope you girls are having a fabulous week so far & enjoying your days!
I love love reading all your comments & receiving all your sweet emails/messages on FB to me!

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  1. I love the colour of the Korean nail polish it's gorgeous!!! Xx

  2. Great haul.
    I like all the colors you got.


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