Friday, May 25, 2012

Make-up of the day.

hello, dramatic "bored playing around with your 120 palette" eye look !
Since my make-up was fully finished today (all my face w/ no eye shadow) I decided to do this fun look since I was organizing my make-up case :) I did a fun (very dramatic probably wouldn't go grocery shopping with this fun bright shadow) look today consisting of the lovely colors light blue, yellow & green. I'm wearing one of my favorite necklaces where you can find at Forever21 for about $12 if I remember correctly! :)
Hope you all enjoyed this tiny post !

Natasha Marie


  1. love it! very summery colours

  2. That bright look is so beautiful!

  3. Eye make up once again, stunning! I wish I could pull that off!!! Sorry I've been so MIA from commenting on your blog-- my work comp never loads your page and that's usually when I'm on! Hope you are well!! Ps what nail polish are you wearing??


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