Saturday, May 19, 2012

OUTFIT of the day. ♡♡

hi little lovelies! : )
I was absolutely loving* the weather today! It was gorgeous and was full of many things to do! I love productive days out! Since it was gorgeous outside and not extremely hot I decided to take some photos of my outfit today & share them with you girls !
I love seeing outfits all put together, it's inspiring and can give you so many ideas on several different ways to style an outfit. I love love putting pieces together - it's my favorite thing to do in the mornings! This cute long summer dress is definitely a style I am loving for this season. They're the ones that are short in the front and long in the back - my favorite! So comfy & so breezy :) I purchased this tank top dress at Forever21 - && to ADD some color to it I added the cropped off aqua blouse (also found at Forever21) It was such a fun outfit! You can easily add ANY* color of top when you're wearing a solid color dress just to add some spark to your outfit. I also have this dress in black & yellow - I couldn't resist this style & the prices at Forever21 are so affordable - how could you NOT buy 3 items in every single color to mix and match! :)



Hope you all enjoyed my outfit of the day post :) If you are a new follower and want me to check out your blog in case I haven't already - leave me your link down below :)

hope you girls are having a wonderful week !

*things making me super happy this week
- upcoming once in a lifetime event :)
- future talks with the boyfriend
- looking forward to this summer
- my new inspirational book
- my planner full of fun days
- my heart that won't stop smiling ♡

Natasha Marie

♬ dreams are the journey that empower the soul. ♬

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  1. i love your outfit, bracelets, and makeup
    your whole look is on point!


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