Monday, July 30, 2012

Packing up my boutique | Happiness.

Happiness. Packing. New beginnings. Grateful.

It has been such a productive and exciting week. I'm slowly packing up my room which turned out looking like a boutique. Here are a few photos from my parts of my room I wanted to share. I'm thrilled knowing I get to start this new beginning! It's been such an awesome feeling to get rid of TONS of items in my room I no longer use! It's such a relief knowing I am FINALLY able to get rid of things!Before I was NEVER able to get rid of EVERYTHING I would always use "Maybe I'll use it one day" or "It's so pretty I just CAN'T get rid of this" or "This was way too expensive I need to keep it" or "Maybe this could be my weekend shirt?" NO MORE. I'm finally telling myself If I haven't worn it in the last couple of months it no longer needs to be in my closet. PLUS, I always tell myself now the more I get rid of the MORE I GET TO SHOP and that usually works just fine. I want to get rid/donate/give away a lot of my things that I can live without. I want a fresh new start with everything. It feels amazing to know all the stuff I'm going to give away to family/friends/donate etc. I never really realized just HOW MUCH clothes I have. Yes, I do love to shop and I love to have options but I didn't realize it was to the extreme. Oops! Luckily I will have PLENTY of new space for all my clothes, I can't wait. I literally can't even sleep at night because my mind is consumed with home decor ideas. I have more than 3 visions of how I want my office/closet area and it needs to go down to ONE so I can really focus but it's not as easy as I thought when I have a million things I want to do :) I can't wait to share with you all my ideas, tips, decorations, DIY's, everything and anything! My room looks like I did laundry 6 times, went shopping a week straight, shoe shopping, purse shopping and then came in and threw everything on the floor; yes a HUGE mess. Boxes, huge shopping bags full of items I'm packing, a pile of shoes I don't want, a pile of clothes I don't want & I still need to go through all my makeup & accessories. I'm loving the organization that is taking place though, I'm actually enjoying this process; cleaning, organizing, getting rid of things, lots of boxes all over the place etc etc. It's actually a calm feeling for me because I thought I was going to feel overwhelmed with my room since I have a billion things - but not at all ! Wooohoo!

Cheers to new beginnings & this next chapter.

God has blessed me in countless ways and for that I am truly grateful.

I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you're set. I promise.

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