Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Organization | Bobby pins & hair ties.

hey lovelies,
Are you girls like ME where I am CONSTANTLY on look out for my bobby pins/hair ties? I always feel I buy so many & they always disappear. I actually go looking around the floor/rug for bobby pins all over the house! Since this is a fresh start in our new house I have decided to try & keep ALL my things VERY organized, so organized that I have become OBSESSED w/ organization! Not that it's a horrible thing..1.) it relaxes me 2.) I will always know where items are 3.) NEVER MESSY 4.) Perfect feeling. So I was on a hunt for an organizer that I'll be able to keep the two things I always always misplace!

I found this ADORABLE clear & very small organizer at the beautiful, Target.....

I thought it was absolutely perfect & went ahead and purchased a few more bobby pins & hair ties since I won't me misplacing them now! *fingers crossed*

The cost for the organizer was only $9.99 ! Hello, bargain! I found this item in the aisle with all the bathroom items, shower curtains, bathroom rugs etc.
I love that it's clear, my favorite. I keep it near my sink and it fits perfect in the corner. It makes me want to keep them all neat in there so hopefully I won't be misplacing them anymore.

Here's how it looks after with all the bobby pins/ hair ties in it. I decided to keep all the bobby pins on top since I use those a lot more through out the day since I like to do the "messy bun" a lot and they are easy to grab. So far, loving it !

Hope you girls enjoyed this mini post, I wanted to show you this quick and easy way to keep your small bathroom items organized. I'm also thinking about going back to get another one to store cotton balls/Q-tips :)

The end.

Natasha Marie

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