Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home Decor | Non stop shopping!

home decor | bits & pieces of what I've been buying lately.

oh, heyyy, lovelies!
I have been non stop everyday shopping my little butt off to start decorating the house since all the necessities are already taken care of. Now, for the fun part. Wall art, shiny lamps, scented candles, decorative pillows & the list goes on and on. I know this is going to be a long process and I feel like the "finished product" will never quite be done. I'm loving every second and dressing up our home and making it our peaceful get a way from the world. I think I will always always always want to add one more thing in one more room, or one more lamp, or one more art piece, or one more decorative pillow. This whole process alone makes me speechless. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be doing this with my love. I've been feeling very grateful these past couple of days and realizing how much I truly love this life and the person at my side.

The shopping process is a bit harder than I thought - I'm on the hunt for the PERFECT items that WOW me over! I thought, ohhh this will be easy, NOT. I take my time when I'm shopping on normal days just for fun BUT now that it's for our house I take even LONGER at stores now because, well, I want it to stand out, I want it to be "that is SO me!" or "he'll love that" or "that would look amazing on this wall!" So far, I'm going pretty good with all the shopping I've been doing. It's getting easier now that I'm already putting things up and then I get inspired for more decorations. I'm taking pictures before/after and pictures of items I'm buying because I'm planning on printing out all the "home decor/shopping bags" to keep as memories in an album (of course I would, lol) The boyfriend has gave me that more lovely job ever - "babe, make the house beautiful" everything I buy I run home like a little hoping he will love it; & so far he has loved everything! *jumps for joy*

The photo above with the flowers was taken at the lovely Target. I swear I was there in the aisle for at least 45 mins. I was designing my own (huge) flower arrangement in one of those large decorative vases. It was fun being able to make your own instead of just buying one at store.

I found this adorable coffee mug at Tjmaxx for only $3! I'm in love with always finding a good BARGAIN! Tjmaxx is one of my top stores because you never know what you will find there. I always find all my 'treasures' there!!

Thift Store Treasures ! (photo above)

I recently went to our thrift store to find some hidden treasures! I already knew what I was on the hunt for (photo frames, of course) & anything else that caught my eye. Well, I got lucky that day and scored tons of vintage looking photo frames & even some other goodies that I will go in more detail about in another blog! All the frames that I purchased were either $.99 or $1.99 how amazing is that ? & then you get to dress it up with any color of spray paint of your choice! I love that idea.

this is how my back seat looked like a couple of days ago.. *happy smile*

I have a million ideas and they are all slowly coming alive! I'm loving all these moments and saving and taking pictures of everything and anything because I want to print all these photos & make a separate album to always remember the start of this beautiful journey with my love.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, more pics coming soon :)

Natasha Marie

I must have done something right
To deserve you in my life"

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