Monday, September 3, 2012

Organization tip | How to keep your boots from falling over.

hey ladies*,
I wanted to share with you girls what I always do with my boots ! :) I've become obsessed with having (trying) to have everything organized - so far, it's going lovely. I like knowing where everything is at and have everything nice and neat. Plus, everything looks better like that. Since I am still in the "unpacking process" I decided this was the best time to take some photos and show you all how I keep all my fall boots from falling over & looking messy!

-Pick out some old magazines that are collecting dust.
-Fold in half.
-Insert into boot
& you now have your boots looking nice and neat !
How easy was that :)
I love doing this with all my boots! They look so put together in my closet and it's easy to pick out which pair you feel like wearing.

Hope you enjoyed this mini organization tip that does wonders with old magazines!


Natasha Marie

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  1. Love your wall color! I can't wait to see your closet!


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