Thursday, September 13, 2012

OUTFIT of the night. ♡♡

hey pretty ladies! :)
Here's a little post on my outfit I decided to put together on a night out a few weekends ago! I'm trying my best to "shop in my closet more" instead of running out and purchasing a brand new outfit every single weekend I want to have a night out. It's been working, sometimes, other times I can't help but get excited to do some shopping (who doesn't!)

Originally, I had on a simple black dress (purchased at Forver21) hair was down with some volume and I went with a nude lip. Then, I decided to spice it up a little - I decided to go back to my closet to my "blazer" section and I picked out a statement blazer, pulled up my hair that was full of volume to create a high bun, and get some MAC 'Girl About Town' lipstick. And, then my outfit was officially done!
A little pieces you have hanging in your closet can always add that last touch to your outfit !
Even a high bun & some bright lipstick can always can do wonders for an outfit ! It always give your look a little more style!

I also decided to go with this green statement ring to add that pop or color ! I love love big rings that have a different color that my outfit. I got this ring at Charolette Russe for about $5 !
One of my favorite rings!

& this was my look for the night! I wore a gold/black Steven Madden side purse because 1.)It went perfectly with my outfit 2.) Side purses are always easier to go out with ! :)

Hope you girls enjoyed this post.

Natasha Marie


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