Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy how to | Winged Liner.

hey gorgeous ladies,
I'm going to show you all today how to achieve a winged liner look!
It's very easy and just takes a little practice to get the top line to be perfect.
During the week days I usually do this look (my top liner is much thinner but I made this a thicker look so you can see more in detail how everything goes) - very simple yet with a little touch of "I don't look sleepy today!" So the weekdays are usually just mascara and a winged liner on top and other days just plain mascara. Now, on the fun nights out I usually wear a more thick top liner and some pencil/colored liner on my waterline! Liner makes such a difference, mascara alone does wonders! It always makes you look a little more polished and more awake :)

Now let's get started...

1.) You can either start with applying your mascara before or after you decide to add your liner. For me, since my lashes are extra long I usually apply my mascara first. When I'm doing makeup on clients I do liner first and then mascara. Which ever is easier for you.

2.) Pick out your favorite liquid liner. (My favorite is posted down below and I'll write a little more description down below)

3.) Since I have used liquid liner forever I can pretty much do this look in 10 seconds (really!) But if you are practicing or trying to use liquid liner, start in the middle of your top eyelid..make a straight line that ends at the end of your top lid. Then, connect the liner from the inner part of your eyelid until it looks completely straight. You can either go with a thin or thick line whichever you like best :)

3.) Then (3rd photo on the left bottom corner) form the winged line of your choice. I chose to do mine straight out and then connect it. You can do a small/large/more up/more winged completely up to you. As long as you form the look you want you will be okay, then just fill in the empty part.

4.) & YOU'RE DONE! :)
Now, you can add any eyeshadow or highlight to your eyes to give it a little spark!

This is my ultimate favorite liquid liner; Loreal Paris Lineur Intense liquid liner in Carbon Black. You can find this at Walmart, Target, CVS, Riteaid etc. It's about $8 if I remember correctly, but nonetheless no more than $10 (hello, bargain!) This liner is pretty much the same as the Lancome Artliner which I also love as well but they are completely the same! Except the Lancome liner is about $30. I definitely recommend the Loreal Paris liquid liner, I've been using it forever! & very affordable for anyone just getting into makeup or looking for a new one to try out :)

Hope you all enjoyed this little 'how to'
Hope you girls are having a FABULOUS week as well,
xo Love.
Natasha Marie

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  1. Very reminescent of the seventies! Twiggy was my inspiration. Everthing old is still fab!!!

  2. i've always wanted to try winged liner-- i could never get it! why didn't i think to connect and then fill in! that looks easy. thanks :)


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