Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nails of the week.

Hey lovelies!
1st of all, I'm loving this new update on the Blogger! How's everyone's week going? Great I hope!
This week has been wonderful so far, so many opportunities have been headed my way and I can't help but feel so blessed every morning I wake up. You work hard and slowly the rewards start coming in! It has to be one of the greatest feelings ever! More news & more details will be in my next up coming posts! But for now, let's talk about what's on my nails!

Doing my nails at home relaxes me, it's my little me time once a busy day has ended and I'm in comfy clothes & drinking some hot green tea. I actually plan the days I'm going to do my nails so I get to decided what color I want to do, & then I make sure to get all my errands, have my face washed and do anything else that needs to be done that way once I work on my nails I won't be getting them messed up! lol. 

This week I decided to go with Loreal 'How Romantic' & Sally Hansen Gem Crush in 'Big Money' I love love this combination together! I usually just do my accent nail on my ring finger but decided to add it to my thumb as well. When I first picked up 'How Romantic' by Sally Hansen I thought it was going to be very sheer but it's actually a pretty white pink. I lovee adding glitter to one/two nails just because it gives it that little touch of sparkle. I love love the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes because they really last on your nails and the glitter is pretty thick so you don't need to waste time putting 3-5 coats. It CAN be a little rough to take off (any glitter polish) which is why I only use my glitter polishes to do a accent nail because putting them on all your nails does look nice sometimes BUT takes hours to remove, no thank, lol. 

You can find these polishes at your Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

Hope you lovely ladies are enjoying your day and loving life. 
Take some time out of your busy days and always take the time to realize just how lucky you are.

xoxo Love.
Natasha Marie 

Work hard. Stay humble.

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