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Sigma Beauty Fall Challenge!

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Come with me on this ride as I use this blog post as my entry for the Sigma Beauty Fall Challenge inspired by their Fall Look Book! 

"Five fundamental elements to encompass 1020's glamour: Lavish Essentials, Iconic Brows, Smoldering Eyes, Sultry Lips, and Timeless Radiance" - Sigma Beauty.

When I think of Vintage Fall Glamour...
gorgeous dark shades of lip stains, pearls, wavy hair, thick liner and decorative head pieces come to my mind.

Today, I used Sigma's Fall Look book to achieve this Fall look that is quite easy ! You can follow along by the step by step tutorial to achieve this look and use any colors of your choice:

Let's get started !

 You want to start with a fresh and moisturized face and eyelids.
Here is my eye completely bare: no liner and no mascara.

 It is up to you whether you like to apply your mascara or your liquid liner first. Here, I decided to do my mascara first. Pick you favorite mascara and start from the root and slowly move your mascara wand to left and to the right to make sure all the lashes are getting use of the product. The mascara I decided to use today was Lancome Doll Lashes. A few coats is what I normally use, too many coats of mascara can make your lashes look clumpy and 'spider like' so, always slowly make your way to the look you desire.


Liquid Liner:
I always use liquid online on the top because it lasts a lot longer than pencil liner and it is much easier to apply to your top lid and over all, always looks nice :) Whether you like your liner straight across or the cat wing like I normally do apply it as close to the eyelash line. 

 Eyelid Primer:
Primer for your eyeshadows is an extremely important step I never miss.
Primer is a base for your shadows, it helps them go on smoother, last much longer throughout the day, and you will have crease-free lids!  The primer I'm using here is Urban Decay. This is the only primer I ever use. You can find it at Ulta or Sephora :)

For the inner part of my lid I decided to go with a light gold and shimmery shade. I am using my shadows today from the New Smashbox palette but ANY light, gold, shimmer shadow will do for this look. I didn't want to do my eyes too harsh because I knew I was going to do a statement lipstick. Use a small shadow brush for this part so it's easy to pat it on your eyelid. I picked up my small shadow brush from Sephora but any small brush you find at Walmart, Target, CVS will do :) 

 Outer lid shadow:
For the outer part of my lid I decided to go with a plum shade that looks pretty dark in the palette but goes on light which is good, you can always build up this color as dark as your want but I just wanted a small glimpse of color on my eyes!

 Blending brush:
The most IMPORTANT brush you can own, the blending brush helps you blend your shadows together and leaves you with a finished look instead of having harsh lines where you can see where the two colors start and end. Using a blending brush has the windshield effect slowly back and forth till you get your desired look. Any brand of blending brush will work. If you are getting into makeup, I highly recommend investing in a good blending brush because blending gives you that gorgeous finished look!

 Pencil Liner:
Pick out your favorite pencil liner and line your waterline. to finish up the eyes.

I'm loving this Fall shade by MAC called Rebel and I thought it would be the perfect shade for this look. One of the looks on the Sigma Fall Look book inspired me to pick out this color!

& you are all done.
I decided to dress up the look a bit and shop in my closet and accessories to give me that 'vintage fall look.' I found this headband with a decorate flower and a pearl in the middle and knew this would go great. I found my pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and a long pearl necklace. I also found the perfect vintage blouse I found at a thrift store years ago, it came in handy today :) I used my curling wand for this look as well to get more of a wavy look like one of the pictures Sigma Beauty has!

 & here are a few more up close photos of the look that inspired me today from the Sigma Beauty Fall Book inspired

 I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, thank you to everyone who always takes the time to read my blog and send me messages and emails! They always make my day!

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