Friday, November 2, 2012

Body wrap with some Texas mud!

 Yesterday was my lucky day at the Spa! 
I received a complimentary Body Wrap with the house specialty - Texas Mud! This is their #1 seller and for it being the very first time I get a luxurious body wrap like this one - it was one 'cloud 9' experience! Of course I'm going to bring my readers along with me on this ride as I took tons of photos to share with you guys to let you know exactly how it all looks and goes!
I was so relaxed afterwards - not a single worry in the world and my skin felt baby soft !
Getting a body wrap - you have to be completely comfortable being in the NUDE to get the right experience, you'll be with a licensed massage therapists that have tons of experience! 

 This is how comforting the room looks as you walk in...
with soothing music playing while you are on this comfy table you honestly just want to fall asleep and dream away...

 They begin by putting your hair up in this shower cap to prevent the mud to get over your hair and a stylish head wrap as well !

Down here, here is the famous Texas Mud ! can tell by my face expression how excited I was to get pampered for the day! lol

 They start you off by exfoliating your entire body with a beauty brush, exfoliating is really important for your face and for your body as well - it removes dead skin cells and keeps your body and face looking younger! Exfoliate every 3-4 days :)

 Once the exfoliating is completely done they moisturize your body and then begins the...MUD!
Which feels so great all over your body..I can't even explain in words how good this feels !
The mud is warmed up but since you are in the nude - you get cold QUICK! lol
After you are covered in the mud they wrap you up like a cocoon - two large plastic wraps and then a warm blanket you will see in the upcoming photos!

 In the above photo you will see how warm I look !
At this moment you are kept in the warm blanket and plastic wrap for a while to really let the mud sink into your body and moisturize! By this time..I was slowly falling asleep because I had never felt so relaxed ! :)

While you are still in your wrap they remove the shower cap & head band and start to give you a face/neck/head massage - THIS WAS HEAVEN! I was on cloud 9 during this part - too good for words! You have to experience this for yourself :) It was absolutely soothing! 

 You are then asked to rinse off in the shower with some 'Stress Relief' body wash and then you hop back into the comfy bed, put on your cute shower cap and you get moisturized once again!

 My skin was feeling baby soft after my first experience and I think any hard working and busy woman should always treat themselves every once in a while to some pampering! 
I walked out of the soothing room with the biggest smile on my face - the head massage, neck massage, face massage, body scrub..everything and anything during those moments was everything I expected and MORE!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post & I can't thank the Carriage House Day Spa for allowing me to experience all this 'pampering' and allowing me to bring you girls along for the ride! 

I feel so blessed to have these opportunities!

Hope you girls are having a fantastic weekend!

Natasha Marie

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