Saturday, November 24, 2012

NEW accessories!!

Hey, lovelies ! 

The Carriage House Day Spa now has these lovely accessories in stock!
I'm a HUGE fan of large earrings - especially because I like to wear a high sock bun on most days and have my earrings as my statement accessory!! They also have scarves in stock as well - perfect for the Fall season & they have two in stock that are Charro Day's material !
Prices for both the earrings and the scarves are very affordable - which I absolutely love!

Here are a few up close photos of the new accessories ! 


I'm HUGE on details - whether it's on shoes, clothes, jeans, accessories etc. ! The details on these items stand out so much - I love it ! 

Hope you girls enjoyed, make sure to check out The Carriage House Day Spa:)

Natasha Marie

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