Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ESSIE Nail Polish picked my photo!

hey lovelies! 

So, something exciting popped up in my Facebook news feed a couple of days ago...
Essie Nail Polish picked my photo and used it in their photo of the day!

Essie polish is my #1 favorite brand of polish! I have a huge collection of their line and it just keeps on growing! Speaking of a huge collection of polishes - I need to pick a day I'm free and make my nail polish rack that my lover boy is going to help me with! & when that day comes I'm going to share it with you girls with photos and details to give you all any ideas and inspiration!

I really love their brush - I love that it's thin! It allows you to really get the sides of your nails and since it's not a huge thick brush my polish always goes on smooth without streaks showing!

Seeing that they picked my photo out of millions that tag them in the manicure photos made my day! It was an exciting feeling & I wanted to share it with you all :) 

Hope you all had a beautiful day today!

Natasha Marie

"When you stop and look around..life is truly beautiful"


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