Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gel Manicure of the week, hello Spring!

Gel Manicure of the week by The Carriage House Day Spa..

Hello, Spring colors!

Spring time has finally arrived..along with the hot weather at the tip of Texas! What I love most about Spring time? THE GORGEOUS COLORS. It's finally time to put away the leggings, jackets, dark shades of lipsticks and time to pull out those beautiful colors in your makeup collection, closet, and my favorite - nail polish collection! 

This week at the Spa - we decided to go with this pretty shade of blue I have never had on my nails. I love that the shade isn't too harsh - it's the perfect blue shade! After being ask "what shade do you want on your nails this week?" My response.."Spring color! Something fun and bright!" And this is the shade we decided to go with! This shade is called "Up In The Blue" It matches the beautiful sky color!

Here are a few more up close photos !

I am still SO very impressed with the Gel Manicure process and how long it lasts on your nails. A good 2 whole weeks with NO CHIPPING AT ALL. And if you are a nail polish junkie like myself, a polish that lasts up to two weeks is similar to winning a shopping spree to your favorite store. It's that awesome.

A few "did you know" about Gel Manicures.. 

- your Gel Manicure is dry in only 30 seconds under the UV light --- say whaaaat !
- no chipping & just as shiny as the first day - 14 days later. --- holla!
- gel manicure is a coat of colored "gel" that looks like a polish
- to take off your gel manicure you need to soak your nails in acetone so it's easier to come off

- it's amazing. period.


I love how this polish just screams "hello, Spring!"

& this is how the Gel Manicure polish package looks like!

What are YOUR favorite colors for Spring time?

Why I love Spring time?
Pastel colors, long beach dresses, summer dresses, shorts, coral lipstick, pink blush, colorful skinny jeans, bright tank tops, colorful side purses, sandals and the beautiful breeze outdoors!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! Make sure to vote on the poll on the top right hand side of my blog to help me to decide what I should blog about next ! 

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