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Monthly Beauty Favorites!

February Beauty Favorites! 

Hello my beauties! So, I have decided to start sharing with you girls my 'monthly favorites' every month and let you all see what I am loving lately! :) I love trying out new beauty products, giving my advice on them, telling you girls whether it'a product to buy or a product that you shouldn't waste your money on! These monthly favorites are going to be the products I am loving for each month - Once we start up a new month I will be showing you girls my 'go to' products for that month! I usually post a photo on my Instagram every once in a while showing my followers "I love this" or "you girls have to try this out" now, this may be a bit easier to see them all together! With that being said, let's start ! 

Hair, lips, face, nails products and even favorite jewelry will be featured in my 'monthly favorites' if there is anything else you would like me to include let me know & I will make it happen!!

oh, to be a girl. 

what a beautiful mess I have here on my desk....

Now, let's begin talking about the products I'm loving lately ! 


OPI Nail Envy.
Where can you find it ? Target, Amazon, OPI website.
I don't recall the price on Nail Envy but I think it was about $15 BUT you can also find it only for about $10-12 with shipping.
I've always heard great reviews on the famous 'Nail Envy' from beauty blogger friends of mine, YouTube girls I speak to occasionally and at the time my nails were breaking almost every couple of days is how it felt! And being a HUGE nail fanatic breaking your nails a couple of days can be dreadful (not really, but you know what I mean) once that happens I have to file all my nails done so one doesn't look weird! My nails just felt WEAK so I decided to give this a try. It is meant to keep your nails STRONG not help them GROW. After a month of using it on my nails I must admit, I was impressed and my nails have not BROKEN AT ALL. They are finally at the length I want them at, NO breaking nails at all. I was a little skeptical about it but after a month of putting it on my nails 2 times a week - amazing! 


MAC Pretty Please & EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet.

Where can you buy them? MAC counter OR $14.50
EOS lip balm - Target, Walmart, CVS, online. About $2.99

 I love MAC Pretty Please because it is a light pinkish/nude color. I wear this shade A LOT because it's never 'too much' of a lipstick to wear. You can wear it during the day AND at night time with a smokey eye. It has a light shimmer to it, it's definitely my 'go to' lipstick when I'm not sure what to wear on my lips - I always go back to Pretty Please. 

EOS Lip Balm is pretty much heaven on your lips. I have almost all the flavors and I want and need a back up all the time. It's crazy how much I use this on my lips. It feels so good AND tastes wonderful. The package itself is adorable and I have it in my purse or school bag at ALL times! I also like to use this before I apply my lipsticks! It helps your lipstick go on smoother and last longer! Long story short - go buy this, NOW. You won't regret it, and for the price - you can't help but want to buy 5 at a time!


Pantene Pro-V Anti Humidity Hairspray & It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product


Where I purchased it ? Target for about $5 + tax
Why I love it ? IT DOESN'T GIVE ME FLAKES, BIG plus for me. I used to never use hairspray because it would make my hair so hard and leave the white residue on my hair which isn't very pretty. After I started using this hairspray I really changed my mind. It's easy to work with even AFTER you have sprayed it in your hair ! Which I love, I always use this hair spray when I do my high top bun..I spray it on my hair, comb through it, spray again, comb through it and it always leaves such a nice stay ! I haven't used any other hair spray in months! And it smells so good - a very clean smell ! Check and check! 

It's a 10 
Where did I get it ? Target
How much? $18

I'm ALL for leave in conditioners and this one does 10 things for your hair.
- Repairs dry, damaged hair
-Adds shine
-Controls Frizz
-Seals and protects hair color
-Prevents split ends
-Stops hair breakage
-Creates silkiness
-Enhances natural body
-Flat iron and thermal protector

AND smells awesome!

I love this, I put this in my hair EVERY SINGLE NIGHT BEFORE BED. I have always heard nothing but GREAT things so I gave it a try and it's on my hair every night no matter what ! 


Biore Pore Strips, MAKEUPFOREVER HD Powder, Maybelline Age Rewind 

Where I got them? 
-Pore strips -, Target about $7
-HD Powder, Sephora $32
-Age Rewind, Target about $8-9

Pore strips : I love to use these 2 times a month. You don't wanna use these daily because you need to let your skin breathe SO I like to do it only 2 times a month! The beginning and the end of the month to remove any noticeable pores showing. After deep cleaning my face I love to pop one of these on and pretend I'm at my very own Spa.

Makeup Forever HD powder - love love using this to set my makeup for the day! You can notice the difference on your skin as soon as you apply it. You get a REALLY nice MATTE finish on your face which I lovee - I apply it all over my face but like to really concentrate on my T-zone! It helps not only set your makeup but helps keep your face looking fresh rather than oily! 

Age Rewind - As you can tell by the photo, I am almost done with using up this entire product ! And that alone tells you I really like to use it ! I use this as an under eye concealer AND helps to brighten under my eyes as well. I like that it is a roll on concealer it helps really keeps right under your lashes to get a good cover up! This is the 2nd time I have purchased it. For a drug store concealer, I really LOVE it and the price is very affordable for everyone! 


MAC 187 & MAC Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

Where to buy? MAC counter or

MAC 187- $42
Skinfinish - $30

These two will probably FOREVER be my favorites! I use them everyday and for as long as I could remember! I love the 187 brush because it really helps to pick up the product & makes it easy to apply the highlighter on my cheek bones! Soft & Gentle has and will always be one of my favorite highlighters for my cheeks AND for summer time I love to put this lightly over my face to give me a nice summer glow look ! 


Earrings purchased at Forever 21 for $4

I have been wearing these a lot lately, they are so simple yet have such a nice sparkle to them that always dress up any outfit I am wearing. I love wearing these especially when I have a high top bun!
I like to either do a statement necklace or statement earrings depending on my outfit ! But I love to always have small earrings I can just grab that will go or dress up any outfit I am wearing for the day!  

& that sums it up for my monthly favorites!
I hope you all enjoyed this post & let me know what are YOUR monthly favorites OR if you have tried any of these ! I hope you girls are having a fantastic week!

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