Monday, March 4, 2013

Gel Manicure of the week!

hello darlings! 

If you know me - you know I am obsessed with having my nails done - every day you will see my nails painted! Without polish on my nails..I feel as though my nails look less feminine. As you have seen on a previous blog post I was just recently introduced to my first Gel Manicure done by The Carriage House Day Spa! After the first trial - I was so impressed!
This is now my 2nd Gel Manicure, this manicure lasts FOR DAYS!  It's perfect for anyone who is always busy through out the days and don't have time to sit down and paint your nails! With as much as I do through out my days there were many times I thought I chipped my nails - and 16 days later not one single chip ! Success!

Here is an up close up from my previous Gel Manicure of the week which was called 'Gossip Girl'
This was DAY 16! Amazing.

 Not one single chip, I was amazed. Normally, when I don't have time to make it to the Spa to get my nails done I will do my own nails at home and my polish will usually last a good 8-10 days of no chipping .... but 16 days ? That's a winner in my book!!

Now it was time to remove the polish and get started on another Gel Manicure!
Last time I decided on a very bright hot pink shade! 

 This time I decided on a light pink shade because at the end of the week I was having a black & pink birthday party with my love and all the girls were going to be in pink dresses and I decided to be in a white dress so I decided to go with a subtle pink! It was the perfect shade and had a gorgeous shimmer to it. 
This shade was called 'Make a Difference'

I didn't edit these photos too much because I wanted the color to really show up in the photos.

Here are a few up close photos!

 My nails are finally growing and are at the shape I have been wanting! I file my nails to have the squared shape look, I really like the way they look - most of the time people think my nails are fake because of the square shape look !  The nail strengthener I have been using and I really recommend is the OPI Nail Envy - I purchased it at Target for about $10-$12. If you obsessed with having your nails done & keeping them strong I'd suggest you try it out ! :)

Until next time my readers.

Natasha Marie 

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