Monday, April 8, 2013

Gel Manicure of the week & tips for healthy nails!

Gel Manicure of the week ! :) 
Can you tell I'm a nail polish junkie? I love having them painted, it's a MUST. It's my 'me time' :)
I've been letting my nails grow out a bit & thankfully no breaking or chipped nails! I'll have some tips on how to keep your nails staying strong at the end of this post ! One thing I love to do with my nails - file them to a square shape; it makes your nails look much longer! :) 

This week we went with a hot pink shade called : PASSION

 6 easy tips on how to keep your nails strong & healthy !

1.) Keep your nails hydrated at all times! Rub a bit of Vaseline or your favorite moisturizer with Vitamin E on your cuticles in the mornings and in the evenings! I do both, every single day! Your nails look 50% more healthy JUST by doing this! 

2.) Try not to file your nails right after you shower. They are much weaker and more likely to break. Always file in ONE direction instead of back and forth. This can weaken your nails! Go slowly when you file your nails, the harder you go the less likely you are able to achieve the look you want for your nails! 

3.) Apply a layer of topcoat (any brand will do - OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen etc) every 1 to 2 days to help keep the length of your manicure! AND it will help your nails from chipping through out the week!

4.) Always always always wear gloves when washing dishes! (I never wash the dishes without my cute pink gloves on! lol) It can be very harsh on your nails and cuticles, causing them to become dry, brittle and discolored.

5.) Pick a day of the week to give your nails some love: cuticle care, cuticle cream, file etc These little steps once a week really does wonders for your nails!

6.) Avoid biting your nails and cuticles - this can cause infection! (and doesn't look so nice!)

Until next time girls; keep your nails painted ! 

Natasha Marie

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

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