Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gel Manicure of the week + nail tips!

Hello my beauties!
How is everyones week going by so far? Wonderful I hope! :)

To start off this new week - I just got another fabulous gel manicure at the Spa this past Monday! I must admit - I have become obsessed with Gel Manicures! The long lasting color, continuous shine, no chipping, no worries manicure has won my heart over. Especially for busy little ladies like myself - not having to worry about the nails looking great is the best ! 

Do you prefer getting your nails done or do you love the 'at home' feeling of doing them yourself ?

Here is a little glimpse of the color we picked this week & we added a little glitter for a statement look on my ring finger! 

This shade is called 'It's a Lilly' 
It's a very light pink shade, almost more of a nude pinkish color that I really like. Although in the photo below it looks more bright (it was just the lighting) that made it look more hot pink! 

& here is the finished look! We added some glitter on my ring finger for that little pop of "Oh!" 

These pictures don't show the true colors (ahhhh) The shade isn't too pinkish like I mentioned earlier, BUT you get the idea :)  

A new thing we did to my nails as well : trim them down!

My nails grow so fast ! So fast that majority of the time people think my nails are fake, lol. 
Well, they had grown so much that it started to hurt my eyes when I had to take off my contacts at night and I would basically stab my eye with my nails, lol. That's when you know it's time to trim those babies down! So that's what we did! :) 

A few nail tips for all my beauties:::

~ To keep your nails strong..trim them, push back your cuticles,  and don't bite them.

~ Keep your nails looking healthy by applying hand cream every single morning/night to your nails. Also, coconut oil does WONDERS for your nails! Rub coconut oil into your cuticles and massage throughout your nails.

~If you paint your nails at home - apply a top coat every 3 days over your nails to prevent chipping!

~Wear rubber gloves anytime you wash the dishes (lol) wifey tip! ha. Anytime I do the dishes I don't do them without wearing my cute pink gloves to keep my nails/polish safe! :)

~Apply a nail strengthener before you apply your polish to keep your nails strong throughout the week! Even if you decide to not wear polish throughout the month, always wear a nail strengthener! It's a clear coat that adds shine so even without polish on - your nails will automatically look healthy :) 
(OPI Nail Envy is my favorite) 

Do you have any favorite tips to keep your nails healthy? 
Feel free to leave in a comment below and I will share it on my next nail post ! :) 

Hope you girls have a beautiful week.
Natasha Marie


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