Thursday, August 29, 2013

10% code for your Sigma purchase!

hello my sweet beauties! 

If you are a fan of Sigma Beauty products, like myself, then this is something you should definitely take advantage of ! 10% off your entire purchase at Sigma! 

Click my link down below and shop your little heart out and don't forget to use my discount code :) 

I recently purchased a new brush kit from Sigma (I'll be blogging about them soon) and used the 10% discount! I highly recommend using any discount codes you find for online purchases - they are everywhere & saving money is always important :) I am loving my new brushes, I needed a new professional kit that is easy for me to take for makeup appointments! I can't wait to blog about them! 

What's on your wish list from Sigma? 

Guess what else is going on at Sigma....

Labor Day SALE! 20% off all individual eye shadows! Just use their discount code SAVE20LD
This promotion starts on Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2. 
Happy Shopping!

If you guys end up using any of these discount codes I'd loveeee to see what you ended up purchasing - just leave me a comment down below! 

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

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