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hello lovelies!
I'm BEYOND excited for todays blog post!

The newest hair tool is now being offered at The Carriage House Day Spa and Ella & myself got to test it out the other day - I am amazed by it :) 

I think it's very natural to become skeptical about a hair tool that comes out and tells you how easy it is to give you the waves you have always wanted - I know I'm guilty of it !

But this time, I got to try it out on myself! And I have the photos to prove it, let's get started!

Once Teri (Spa owner) mentioned to me how excited she was about this product  & how long it took for her to get it because it has been on back order - I was so interested! 

A little info on the MiraCurl:

~ The world's first fully automatic professional hair curler
~ Creates the perfect curl even for the straightest hair
~ Very lightweight tool
~You get to decide how tight or loose you want your curl
~ The MiraCurl actually sucks in your hair, you hold it till you hear the beep - let it go, and you have the perfect curl
~ You don't feel any heat OR pull to your hair at all (that was the first thing I noticed while they tested it out on me)

& now to put it to the test ! 

Here, Ella, is the 1st to put it to the test. We decided to test it on both of us since she has short/medium hair & I have long hair. We wanted to see the results on two different types of hairstyles! :)

You can already see the difference alone in the photo down below!
Once the MiraCurl sucks in your hair, it holds it for a few short seconds, once it beeps you slowly release the tool from your hair. I love how simple it is!

Ella tries it out for herself & puts it to the test. I couldn't believe how fast it took to do half of her hair. I think this product would do wonders for people who have really straight hair and feel they can't do anything with their hair. 

Ella's BEFORE photo..... 

Seriously, the perfect curl. 
These are actually considered the "tight" curls - you can always mess with the settings on the side to give you the more loose curls. Or you can do this at night, sleep on it, and once you wake up you will have more wavy curls. 

My turn :)
This was my hair before....

 & during the process! We also did the 'tight' curls on me just so we were able to see how well the curl was coming out. I was so amazed by how simple it was while Connie did my hair and even more amazed at how light weight the tool is once you do it on yourself. It's probably the fastest hair curling tool I have ever tried on myself. 

& the after curls ! Wow, my hair looks extra short in this photo! lol. But I'm glad you are able to see how well the curl comes out ! Carven actually went with me to the Spa to help me record a video and he even said "Wow, that's really cool!" lol and for a guy to say that - that really tells you something!

I usually use the cone to put curls in my hair and this took half the time to do my hair!
Ella & I couldn't stop saying "Wow!" It was fun experimenting with this tool! I definitely give it a thumbs up! By these photos alone you can see the major results! 

Now you know what to ask for as your #1 presents for Christmas, lol. 

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

Take a look at The Carriage House Day Spa on Facebook to watch the video we made over this product and you can watch it work its magic! 

Natasha Marie 

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