Monday, August 19, 2013

Nails of the weel - Hello White!

Hello my beauties! 

It's finally "nail of the week" time!

This week at The Carriage House Day Spa we picked the perfect white for my Gel Manicure! I have always been a huge fan of WHITE, - so clean, simple, and classy! 

On my ring finger, we added just a glimpse of glitter, not too much, not too little :)

I must say, I am hooked on Gel Manicure! I should definitely give away my entire nail polish collection since Gel Manicure has taken over my heart - 14 days with no chipping and continuous shine? Yes, please!

What I love about white nail polish?

~ It goes with all your outfits.
~Looks so clean/fresh.
~It's the perfect summer shade.
~Easy to clean off if you get any foundation/makeup on your nails.
~So girly.

Plus, Fall is around the corner so it's time to take advantage of these beautiful shades before it's time to bring out the darker shades of color!

What is your favorite summer shade?

Until next time my beauties.



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