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Back to School : Beauty must haves!

hi lovelies, 
So, I know it's BACK TO SCHOOL for a lot of you girls, and like I promised - it's time for a back to school guide on some beauty must haves you should always keep in handy. 
Whether you are in middle school, high school, or in college these little must haves will work perfectly just for you. 

Let's get started :)

Makeup Bag. 

It's always good to keep a small makeup bag in your purse, backpack, or tote bag. You never want your makeup bag to be too big - you want it small enough where you can get it from your back, grab the product you want, and put it back. When you have a larger bag - you'll be digging around. 
You can find tons of really cute and very affordable makeup bags at Target, TjMaxx, and Marshalls. 

Matte Powder.
Through out the day (if you have oily skin) touching up is a routine for you, and keeping a matte powder in your bag will always come in handy to prevent touching up so much through out the day. Try using a makeup brush when applying your powder, sometimes using the powder applicator can leave your powder looking really thick. 

Mini Mascara.
This is optional, BUT this can come in handy if you want to touch up your makeup after a gym class. (for my middle school and high school viewers) All those samples of mascara you have saved up can now save some space in your make up bag! 

Body Mist/ Body Spray.
You never want to be that girl that has bad body odor! LOL Sounds gross, but it's true. Perfume is a little too strong for school and these body mists have the perfect scent and are so light weight. These are perfect to use throughout the day for that little touch up to feel fresh! For a more affordable brand, Target has a great collection as well. 

Bobby pins & Hair ties.
These are always a MUST. No caption is needed, lol. You always need these some time through out the day OR your friends are asking if you have some! 

Oil Sheets.
I love these. These have been around for YEARS. And they really work, you see all the junk on the sheet within a few seconds. These are great if you don't wear too much makeup and you just want to control the oil on your skin. And these sheets only take a few seconds to dap around your face. These should always be in your bag regardless if you are in school or not, they are definitely a must have. 

Lip Balm.
EOS lip balm is heaven on your lips. I have them all, even Carven loves using them (don't tell him I told you) These are perfect for your day at school because you never want to wear lipstick for class, save the lipstick for a fun night out on the weekend with your girlfriends! :) Lip balms will leave your lips feeling moisturized all day long! These will be perfect for all my younger viewers to keep in your bag! 

Lip Stains.
If you want a little more on your lips than just lip balm try lip stains. These lip stains give the perfect little stain of color on your lips. Not too much, not too little, just enough to show a little color. You can find a huge variety of lip stains at any drug store - these in particular have tried out and like the stain it leaves on your lips. These won't look too heavy for your school day at all, it will be the perfect little pop of color. 

YES. You know exactly what this is girls.
Every girl - whether you're in school, college, at work, anywhere - you should always keep an emergency pad/tampon in your purse. You never want to have that awful feeling of starting your period somewhere where you have no protection. I keep one of these in my purse at all times of day. Trust me, you will feel on top of the world if you have an emergency somewhere and you know you have one of these hidden in your purse! 

Antibacterial for your hands.
I love these and I also love that they are always 5 for $5 at Bath and Body Works. 
If you are a clean freak like myself, these will be a perfect fit for your makeup bag! There are germs all over on everything we put our hands on so these little babies are always so important to use! 

Mini Brush.
You can find these everywhere in the travel section of stores. If you ever need a touch up throughout the day or after your gym class -  this will be your best friend. These mini brushes fit perfectly in the palm of your hands! And small enough to fit in your makeup bag! 

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I hope you girls enjoyed this 'Back to School' post ~
If you enjoy these type of posts and would like me to write more back to school guides leave me a comment down below and I'll make it happen! :) 

What are some of your favorite must haves for school ? 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Until next time,
and always dream BIG.

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