Saturday, September 21, 2013

NEW Sigma brushes & makeup talk!

hi lovelies! 

I'm back! It feels like I haven't blogged lately because my weeks have been super busy! I actually have 3 blog posts saved in my draft to work on soon! :) 
How are all my readers doing?!?

Well, about 2 weeks ago a beautiful package was sitting at my front door step! NEW Sigma brushes! (jumps for joy!) I had been wanting a set of Sigma brushes for a while and finally pushed "add to cart," & I'm so happy I did! There were so many different collections to choose from, girl problems, but I ended up going with the 'Make Me Blush' essential kit! These brushes are a dark pink color but on photos they come up a bit red. I love the quality of these brushes!

Now, they have a new home with the rest of my brushes.......

You're probably asking yourself "why do you need soooo many brushes?" because I get that question many times! And I will answer that down below! I took photos of me opening up the product that way if you are interested in purchasing a new set of brushes you'll have any idea of what's in store!

The new home for my brushes.

Everything was packaged so well, that's always a huge plus for me when it comes to ordering online! It shows the company truly takes the time to get your product ready! 
(I'm not going to lie....I was also hoping no one would steal this from my door way since I wasn't home for the entire day the day it was delivered) Yay!

You also get a little brochure to view the rest of the brush kits, which is really good to have...since I will probably want to order more soon! (oops!)

& here they are! So well put together, love love love.

& this is the holder it comes with - which I love because you can put your dirty brushes in one and leave the clean ones in the other. It helps your brushes from gathering bacteria from the dirty ones. Plus, they are sooo easy to take with you for traveling or freelance!

The # 1 questions I get asked a lot "why do you need so many brushes?" 

As a freelance makeup artist, you tend to start collecting different types of brands to find out which one works best for you and which ones will work best for your clients. The brushes I use on myself are different then the ones I use on my clients. I have my own set and all my other variety of brushes are put to good use on my clients :) I wanted a new set of professional brushes that are easy for me to grab and go! With this holder the Sigma brushes come in - it makes it so easy to put them all inside, close up,  and head off to my clients! I've always put these new brushes to use on clients & I am a happy camper! Having a set of brushes also looks very professional when you're on the job and they are so easy to grab while they are in the holder! A little tip I normally do while freelancing, put aside the dirty brushes you are using on your client and at the end of the session keep them separated to reduce gathering any germs on your clean brushes! 

What are some of your favorite makeup brushes?


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