Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NEW Blog Makeover!

Hello my beauties! 

It's been a while since my last blog post blog has been under construction! 

My blog got a new MAKEOVER! Including: New banner, background, and signature! 
I'm in LOVE.

& ALL the credit goes to my fabulous Gena M. aka GlamMeUp8 on YouTube,

 if you haven't check out her videos - you are missing out on some of my favorite beauty & fashion videos! 

Here is a direct link to her YouTube channel - Gena M. 

Why I wanted a new makeover?

I have been receiving some pretty amazing opportunities lately and I was ready to take my blog to a more professional level, yet still have my girly style to it.

Why I chose Gena M. ?

If you have seen her Blog Design page then you will know why I wanted her to do this for me! She is so talented at what she does and she's big on detail - which I LOVE.  She was so easy and fun to work with, she gave me exactly what I wanted and more. Half of the time I told her "do whatever you want to it, I trust yaaa!" and she did and I was MORE than impressed with her work. She's a pro at this, I would have never even known how to start designing my own background and banner! She's amazing! She would make sure to send me samples to see if I loved it, wanted a color different, or wanted any changes at all.  I was one happy customer! :)

Check out her Blog Design page - Get Glammed Up Designs You will be amazed at everything she is capable of doing! 

Here is a direct link to all her services! Can you say amazing?

I'm so excited to start blogging more now! This makeover makes me love my blog even more! 

Are you all loving it as much as I do?

Now my blog looks so alive with all the colors! It's perfect and I can't thank Gena enough! She's definitely my go to girl anytime I have questions about fixing my blog! 

If you girls ever want a blog makeover - now you know where to go!

Get ready for MORE BLOG POSTS coming soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with your family!

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