Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello Beauties! 

Happy beginning of the week! A new start of the week - full of busy days, work, school, wedding planning :) etc. Remember - just do one task at a time, it works all the time.

It's one of my favorite days of the week  - new Gel Manicure time! Given by the famous, Carriage House Day Spa. There's just something about having that pretty manicure every girl loves. Makes you feel so polished and so feminine. 

I am love love loving this Gel Manicure this week - the color is so simple and goes so well with everything. Just because it's Fall - it doesn't mean you HAVE to wear the darkest shades in your collection. This week we went with a nude light pinkish color. I just love how soft it looks on my hands. We also decided on trimming down my nails a bit because they were getting long, and they feel so healthy now! If you wear contacts like myself, then you know it's definitely not fun trying to put on your contacts when your nails are getting too long. Ouch! 

What colors are you loving lately for your nails?

I've had lots of great compliments on the new blog makeover - a huge thank you to my followers on here & my IG :) You girls are amazing.

Until next post lovelies,

'Success comes to those who word hard on a daily basis'

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