Friday, December 6, 2013

Grand Opening Party - Big News!

Hi beauties, 

I'm BEYOND excited about todays post ! I have been dying to share something with all my readers on all my social media networks! :) Today, I got the GREEN LIGHT!

I'm sure everyone has heard of Loft  their fashion clothing that is so professional yet so stylish?

Well, a few weeks ago I was contacted by Loft from Chicago with some wonderful news!

Loft will be hosting a GRAND OPENING PARTY at Sunrise Mall in Brownsville,Texas ... I get to be their featured blogger & Makeup Artist !

 *screams of excitement* 

What exactly will be at their Grand Opening Party?!?!?  
(what won't!) 




-10% on all sales that will be donated to Brownsville Junior Service League 

-Free Tote with gift with purchase

& ...drum roll please..

I will be there with my fabulous train case FULL of all my makeup goodies to provide complimentary touch ups for customers shopping and wanting to glam up their lips or eyes! 

I'm SO thrilled and so grateful for this opportunity! I can't thank them enough for choosing me to do this with their team! Loft has been so incredible to work it. They made this entire process so much fun! There's nothing more rewarding than working with professional individuals! 

They were SO very generous to send me a gift card to go shopping & pick out a special outfit for the event. I can't wait to blog about the clothing items I picked & can't wait to do a different blog post over an outfit of the day including all items from Loft. 

This special invite is for the whole community - it's going to be such a fun event! 
You don't want to miss out !

I can't wait for this event and I can't wait to capture everything on my camera and share it all in my blog post!

 I know it's going to be amazing! I am truly grateful for this opportunity! 

Hope to see ALL of you there!

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