Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A look inside Loft..

 Hey loves!

Today was such a fabulous day! I had the chance to go on a little shopping spree all thanks to Loft. 

Working with them has been such a incredible experience! I picked out a new outfit, accessories, shorts, sweater, tights etc. It was every girls dream - go shopping! 

I'm so anxious and honored for their Grand Opening party this Thursday, all information is on my previous post! In today's quick blog post, I wanted to take you around the store to give you girls an idea of the clothing Loft has and different styles they offer!

Let's take a look on some of their styles!

Their style offers a unique combination of fashion, work, and flattering fit.

Loft has such a versatile style of clothing, I absolutely love that you can mix and match a casual top with a dressy skirt. 

One thing I loved: How picture perfect the store was, nothing makes a girl happy to shop than in such a clean atmosphere! And the mannequins outfits were on point ! Definitely gave me inspiration while on my shopping trip! 

It's that time of the year for cardigans, scarfs, and cute sweaters ! 

I love their style: so sleek & so professional!

I'm excited to share with you girls on a separate blog post, an outfit of the day using all Loft's clothing items! That's on my agenda for the week, so stay tuned! I loved everything I picked out, it was a little hard, because I WANTED EVERYTHING ;) 

I loved these cute t-shirts for those days you want to be comfy, yet stylish! 

 A huge thank you to Loft once again, for giving me this opportunity! 

& a little inspiration to all my big dreamers before I end this post..

What I keep learning more and more every day, if you constantly* work hard towards all your dreams - you will be awarded. 

We are all born with a talent, go out there and show the world what you are capable of doing. You only live once, if you let the fear of opinions of others get to your head, you will never conquer your dreams. You never know who is watching and you never know who you are inspiring! 

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