Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tutorial: NYX jumbo pencil depot !

Hello gorgeous readers of mine, 

I'm so excited about todays post! I have had numerous readers email/message me asking if I knew of a way to depot NYX Jumbo Pencils. Today is your lucky day - get ready for the quickest tutorial. No microwave or freezer needed! :)

Now, if you are a fan of the NYX Jumbo Pencils like myself, you'll soon learn how these little babies could be hard ( and sometimes impossible ) to sharpen, regardless of how thick your sharpener can be!

No more worries, I got you covered!

Let's get started ...

( I made a collage of the tutorial itself but more info will be down below! :) )

Step 1: Grab your desired NYX Jumbo Pencil you want to depot, I went ahead and grabbed
 MILK, I use this pencil countless times for Halloween makeup! And this is a great base coat for any other shadow you would like to use for more pigmentation! 

Step 2: Grab your materials - ALL you need is : NYX pencil, a thin pen that will fit smoothly inside the product, a mini container (I suggest using a travel size container) and a napkin! Pretty simple huh? It get's better & easier!

Step 3: Remove the bottom half of your NYX Pencil.  As seen in the 3rd photo - I used my back teeth, it's not hard to remove but if you want to use pilers go right ahead. lol

Step 4: Stick your pen from the bottom up slowly and the product will start coming up from the top & a little from the bottom as well. 

Step 5: Insert the product into your mini container and if you have a plastic spoon in your pantry, grab that to help you spread the product inside the container if you don't want to use your fingers. 

Step 6: You are all done! Close your container tightly and you are good to go!

Hope you all enjoyed this super easy and quick tutorial! I hope it helps out - let me know if you decide to use this technique! 

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