Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why every girl deserves that massage...

Hello, my gorgeous ladies. 

When was the last time you took time out of your busy schedule and treated yourself to a massage? I'm sure the majority of you would answer with "never!" "it's been months!" or "I really need to..."

Now is the time to do it. Every girl deserves that pampering feeling, that feeling when you don't have a single worry on your mind, that feeling where you know every single thing really is going to be okay, and that feeling when you know you're worthy enough that deserves it...

That's the feeling I get when I'm getting a massage after a busy week! We all get tied of with work, school, life, family time, best friend time, bf/gf time, house duties etc. that sometimes we forget to take care of OURSELVES & give US a little 'me time' :)

Recently, I got a Hot Stone Add-on with a Swedish Massage with my favorite Massage Therapist in the world, Ashley from The Carriage House Day Spa. She's won Brownsville's Readers Choice Award for Best Massage Therapist. Can you say GET IT GIRL !

Hands down, I felt like I was floating in the clouds...

The one thing I admire for anyone who loves their job: is the way they talk about their clients!

You can learn so much about a person in just a few minutes of hearing how they speak of their clients. While I was getting my massage, I started asking Ashley how her clients are, how her returning clients are doing, how many times do they come etc - she always spoke so highly of all of them! Always the nicest comments & always excited to get them in after knowing they've had busy weeks! 

What I love about my sessions with Ashley - You're able to control your session by simply telling Ashely how you want your massage: soft or deep, what parts of your body are sore, what parts of your body are in pain, and what part you would like her to concentrate on! 

For me, it was my back. She instantly felt the knots in my back & OMG, I was in heaven. You are so relaxed you jus drift away into a whole different world. 

I encourage every girl out there - to treat yourself once a month (or 2..or 3..OH! ) to a massage! 

You deserve it, you need it, it's good for you! 

You will walk out of your massage session ready to take on the world! 


Sometimes you need to be alone in order to reflect on life. Take time out to take care of yourself.
You DESERVE it. 

Until next blog post,
Stay fabulous, positive, and happy. 

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