Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BROW 101 with Natasha Marie!

Hello, beautiful readers of mine! 

Today, we talk BROWS.
My absolute FAVORITE step during my makeup routine & on my clients! 

I can't tell you enough, brows are so important.
They completely frame your whole face, they make you look more youthful, and you instantly look more polished. 

When I'm working on my clients & I get to my favorite step (brows!) I end up giving an entire brow tutorial to them! It makes me so excited to work on someone that is 'new' to brows!

The after reaction is PRICELESS, I should work for Anastasia Beverly Hills, because I have sent over almost ALL my clients to Sephora to purchase my favorite brow items! :)

Fun fact: 

The thicker your brows are - the younger you look.
The more thin your brows are - the older you look.

There's different ways on making your eyebrows look amazing...
1.) Plucking 
2.) Waxing
3.) Threading 

Not so good:
4.) Hair removing cream (not the best)

& finally....

5.) Please don't ever shave your brows with a razor.

In my opinion, I prefer waxing. Quick, easy, and gets the job done!
Sometimes with plucking, you can easily OVER pluck - & that isn't a great look for anyone.

I also suggest, going to a cosmetologist to get your brows done if it's your first time! Rather than trying to do them yourself at home and ruining them - TRUST ME. When I was in the 3rd grade (yes 3rd grade..) I decided to experiment on my brows by grabbing a razor and trying to fix them. Horrible idea, but now it's a funny memory. 

Everyone has their own brow shape! You can never match your brows to a person, we all have our very own style when it comes to brows. Also, brows shouldn't look EXACTLY the same, treat them like sisters; rather than twin sisters. The more identical they look, the less natural..... the less identical the more natural they look. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills, you are my fairy godmother!

This is my exact brow routine I use every single time! Minus the brow shaper; the brow shaper is great for beginners that are trying to find the shape that goes with their face! 

The brow powder, clear brow mascara, & eyebrow brush are my holy grail products! I also use the Brow Wiz which is amazingggggggggg! 

As I mentioned before, brows are HUGE for your face. Here are some photos for some inspiration on different brow shapes & how they can completely transform your face.

It's very hard for me to trust anyoneeee with my brows, but thankfully, I found a waxing Queen: Rosie from The Carriage House Day Spa, the quality time she spends on brows speaks for itself. She will leave your brows looking like perfection! She's the BEST in the valley, trust me!

If you're new to brows OR you want to start trying to fill in yours brows - don't be afraid! Play around with your brows & see what works better for yours. You may like eyeshadow to fill them in, brow powder, or an eyebrow pencil. Whatever you are more comfortable with will work out great. Practice makes perfect, once you get into a routine, you'll be able to fill in your brows like a PRO!

I hope everyone is having a productive & fun week! I will see you in my next blog post !

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And as always,
Stay fabuloussss!


  1. Filling in my brows is ESSENTIAL since I have CLEAR eyebrows & eyelashes! I use the angled brush - MAC 263 and MAC Omega shadow to fill in my "frame". If I don't, I will be constantly answering the question "Are you okay? You look really tired" all.day.long.

    1. LOL same here! Brows are everything, I instantly look like I slept 10 hours once I do my brows...when let's be honest, I hardly get 6 hours of sleep! haha. I've never tried the MAC shadows to fill them in, Anastasia has my heart, but I'd loveee to try them out :) Thank you for your comment, Melinda!

  2. Fabulous tips! I love that you mentioned never to shave your eyebrows, because my friend did that once and the razor was so huge that she ended up taking out a chunk of her eyebrow and had to fill it in with pencil for aaaages!!


    Gabrielle x

  3. I just recently started working on my brows because they're so gross and thin. I really do think they need more love and attention from me wah. This is great advice! I only just started using a brow pencil but people suggest eyeshadows and angled brushes so I'm probably gonna try that out!
    Lovely post! :) x


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