Thursday, June 19, 2014

If I had my very own Julep polish...

Hello there beauties! I'm so excited about todays blog post!!

First of all, for all your nail polish junkies out there like myself, I'm sure you are aware of Julep Nail Polish?

The one thing that has always caught my attention on these beauties is the packaging! Unlike the other typical packaging that I have seen for a polish, these always stand out to me.

Recently, I was contacted by Julep (amazing!) and they interested for my inspiration for a new nail polish color! Imagine having your very own custom nail polish?!? Imagine even picking the name of the shade?! Well, that could totally be me! 
*screams due to excitement*

That would be a dream come true...

I instantly knew what would inspire me for the shade, the meaning behind the name, and why it would mean so much to me.

If I had the opportunity to name my very own custom nail polish it would be called:
The City of Love

My husband & I recently came back from a dream honeymoom to my bucket list destination: 
Paris, France. The City of Love. It was everything I had ever dreamt of & more. The way you feel being across the world, not knowing a single soul, finding your way around the city by a map, getting lost together, not quite sure what you are ordering on the menu, getting poured on because you aren't familiar with the weather, having your sleep pattern completely opposite than at home, taking a million photos, trying every piece of food, trying your best to speak French but knowing you probably sound idiotic but you try anyway, signing up for every tour because you want to observe every piece of Paris, getting a little anxious at night to ride the metros - but knowing it's all worth the ride because you're with the one you love, that is magic to me. For as long as I could dream, Paris has been that ONE place I promised myself I would go, no matter what. Little did I know it was always meant to be, I was always meant to visit Paris, with my husband, a day after our wedding. That's right, we ran away the next morning and got on a plane together. It was perfect. The City of Love will forever live in my heart.

I fell in love all over again in Paris. The atmosphere, the scenery, and the history was all breathtaking. It makes you view life differently, how beautiful it really is. 

Knowing we got to experience all of this together felt like a dream. 

What shade would I pick?

A bright Fuchsia with a pop of shimmer. I have painted my nails countless times and then I've had to find that extra nail polish to add on top to give it that little sparkle. A bright fuchsia reminds me of love & Paris. A girl can never go wrong with some shimmer on her nails!

This is similar to what I envision, how lovely. 

The City of Love is the most beautiful place in the world. Paris will forever be in my heart. 

If YOU had the chance to create your custom shade what would you all pick?

You can never stop dreaming :) 

Check out the newest nail color page from Julep right here, perfect for summer time!

Until next time lovelies,

"The best is yet to come.."

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE JULEP!!! Being from Seattle, we have some of their salons and corporate offices here.... PLEASE PM me if/when your color is released, I will be sure to add it to my Maven box!!! *squee!*


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